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    Looking for a couple of bipods for the following guns.A DPMS 308 Sportical doesnt have detachable sling mounts just stock.
    Ar 15 heavt barreled NMS gun also doesnt have detachable sling mounts just stock ones.
    Heard about Atlas but thats a bit out of my range something loke a Harris.Both guns are primarilt shot at both the prone and bench positions,also prone in field setting.
  2. wjkuleck

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    The Harris HBP5 adaptor should be adaptable to the Sportical's Glacier Guard handguards:


    I don't know what kind of handguards or float tube system an "Ar 15 heavt barreled NMS gun" would have, but if they are the round handguards, the HBP5 should work too. If the rifle has a bayonet lug, there is a rail adaptor for the lug, to which a bipod mount for rail could be added.

    In either case, you may see a change in POI as you lean on the rifle because the bipod would not be isolated from the barrel. You need a float tube handguard system for best results.