Subject: Bug-out or stay?

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    Subject: Bug-out or stay?

    After many years of trying to live prepared, several bug-out practices,
    I have reached some conclusions. First, bugging out is the very last
    thing I want to do. There are 3 ways to the mainland by vehicle from
    Myrtle Beach, which could be blocked easily. I have a boat and an old
    jeep 17 miles downriver at my hunting cabin, but that avenue makes for
    the first reduction in transportable gear as the boat won't hold as much
    as the Jimmy, at least no without being obvious to the casual observer
    what I am doing.
    Second, there are the creature comforts. I have been here during
    hurricanes, floods, and even a tornado. Your own home beats hell out of
    the woods, a cabin, even a motel room. It is defensible, already has ALL
    your gear, and the psychological aspect is better.
    Lastly, the authorities know people will bug-out during emergencies.
    They already have in place plans for traffic control and curfews. If you
    don't believe it, try going somewhere after a hurricane in a coastal
    area. The ones standing roadblocks get pretty bored and will give you
    hell just for some entertainment. And you can bet your butt someone
    living in a cabin/tent/cave in the middle of the woods will attract
    their attention and invite a hassle if nothing else.
    People like Alan Conner amuse me, but so do a lot of others. AC is right
    that a collapse will not be like in the movies, but if he has what he
    says he has, then the LEOs already know about him. Some others have
    posted about the weapons they have and the retreats they maintain, but
    would they shoot a LEO, and could they actually get to the retreat? The
    authorities will have their hands full during any emergency, and for a
    time thereafter, and won't be going house to house to get any of you.
    They simply will not have time. Unless you brag to Billy Bob next door
    about the M-1919 machine gun and 7 years worth of food in the basement,
    they will never know you exist. I do keep a BoB in the car at all times,
    but my bug-out plans have surely changed.