sub 500$ AK74 varient

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    New around here on the Ar15 fourm and the ak section, but its small so not as much feed back.
    Want maybe a Tantal sporter 400$ barrels are supposedly better with keyholing issues.
    Bulgerian synthetic stocks 500ish.
    What should I get I need something that will hit at 50-150 yds at most. A fun plinker for the cheap as dirt 5.45 round. I own good range rifles ARs bolt actions high end AK47 etc So I dont need a fancy one, just sold a bike now have 500$ and help.
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    The keyholing issues reported primarily involved one particular company that was using 5.56 barrels for 5.45 weapons. This particular seller isn't known for their quality of build.:rolleyes: Take a look at J&G Sales. They currently have a sales on the Saiga sporters in .410 shotgun, .223, 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 for $299.99.
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    Another excellent option is a Romy SAR2/WUM2/WASR2/Romak2/CUR2 - they had diffrent names depending on issue, but are utilitarian AKM74 rifles that can still be found affordably. Plus most are in the "AKM config" already and if not, conversion is a breeze unlike a SAIGA. And most importantly; they all have the correct factory chrome-lined barrel.

    See Romy stuff here;

    Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles