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    okay heres the deal. one of my friends bought an ar from one of my other friends. he came to pick it up at my house today and brought along his keltec sub 2000 that he had bought earlier this year. he had not shot it yet so we took both rifles to go shoot a little. well i got to take the keltecs i loaded, shouldered, took aim. and bang! the front sight post on the keltec shattered with the first shot....needless to say after ten more rounds we called it quits. as it looked like we had a shotgun at the 25 yrd line. any ideas why this may have happend? perhaps it was cracked to begin with? who knows. but now its on our list of parts.
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    I have heard of this happening before on other forums. Though this problem never occurred with my sub 2000. Try calling kel tec

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    Keltec is one of the good companies that will bend over backward to help you. I'd like to hear how your experience goes. The Sub2000 is on my short list of future purchases.
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    The front sight blade on the sub2k is a POS. The actual sight is not bad(unless you consider its secured with red loctite).

    I swapped mine with a metal hipoint sight.