Stupid Question from a Blonde

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Mema, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Mema

    Mema New Member

    What is the big deal about 1911's? masterPsmith has them but I cannot stand them as they are too big for my hand. I used to think that it was the .45 caliber bullet but that cannot be because my Taurus is just fine, even though I do prefer the 9 mm.

    Maybe masterPsmith just does not explain it in the right way or I don't understand it in the right way I don't know. Could someone give me a simple answer? :eek:
  2. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    I'll try. They are without a doubt the most natural pointing pistol ever built. Coupled with the straight back single action trigger, they make even lousy shots into good shots. Hard to put into words though. The easiest way to see what a 1911 is all about is to look at the face of a first time shooter that is migrating from another handgun type.

    Doesn't hurt that it's a .45 either...
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  3. rjd3282

    rjd3282 New Member

    Sadly if they don't fit your hand you may never know the joy of a 1911. Probably the only on flaw that God made was a hand to small for a 1911. :(
  4. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Mema, I can only explain my opinion and bias towards the 1911.

    I was not always into 1911's. When I started in IPSC, I had a S&W mdl 15 revolver that served me well enough, but I kept getting beat (this was when I was stationed in Germany).

    I tried a few 9mm's (CZ-75's, Glock's, BHP's) and was still being out scored. I went to the base Rod & Gun Club (yeah it was a long time ago) and bought a parkerized Springfield that had the small sights, small thumb safety, no extended beaver tail. You know, the original Springfield Armory type.

    Did good to a point with old mags, and the gun the way it was. But I thought it needed a couple of improvements. With no gun smith in the area, I had to learn how to do things myself.

    Well, It kinda ballooned from there. My hand got formed to the single stacked 1911, and after my "improvements and bling", I shot pretty dern good with it.

    Nowadays, when I pick up a handgun that is not a 1911 derivative, it just does not "feel" right.

    Now that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
  5. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Try a mouse gun.

    Does Psmith have a compact 1911?

    Find a store that has a Defender or New Agent 3".

    I bet that'll fit your sissy hands! :p


    ^ Defender as shipped from Colt.


    ^ Same gun after it has been canebroken!
  6. amoroque

    amoroque New Member

    One word........Nostalgia!
  7. jakebrake

    jakebrake Member

    not trying to sound nasty, so please don't take this as such.

    it is a very simple, yet expandable platform.
    it has offered tried and true reliability for a century
    it has ridden through how many wars?
    it has a shooting position that is natural for many shooters
    45 .acp doesn't hurt.
    not the hardest thing to work on.

    not everyone is a fan of the 1911. that's why baskin robbins has 31 flavors.

    just my .02
  8. Mema

    Mema New Member

    That gun is AWESOME.

    Psmith does not have a compact so I will have to check when the next gun show around here is and go check them out.

    If I remember correctly we have one around my birthday so maybe I get a great birthday present????????;);)
  9. PigPilot

    PigPilot New Member

    No such thing as a "stupid question"

    I have shot numerous revolvers, pistols and even different models of Glocks, and I must admit, I did like the the Glocks:D . Especially since they were "issued" equipment and the ammo was free.

    That said, my 1911 style .45s just feel right for me. I have a good IWB holster that is comfortable for all-day wear in all but the hottest weather when I am forced to go for something smaller with less stopping power:(.

    But everything is a trade-off.

    If you're really interested in a .45, visit as many gun shops and gun shows as you can - there are a tremendous number of them to choose from.

    Good luck.
  10. orangello

    orangello New Member

    Old people really like them, as do nostalgic youngsters.
  11. PigPilot

    PigPilot New Member

    There's a lot to be said for that "second childhood" thing. And as for being old, and forgetful, I get to meet new people every day! :D
  12. Jay

    Jay New Member

    If the size of the 1911 in your hand is your major objection, see if you can try one that has "thin" grips on it. Many ladies say it makes a lot of difference in how big the gun feels.
  13. Dgunsmith

    Dgunsmith New Member

    Try a 1911 with thin grips and short bushings like the Les Baer Thunder Ranch....many women find them very comfortable. Thin grips , bushings and screws are available thru Brownells.
  14. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    For me the 1911 is the most natural feeling and pointing pistol I've ever held. The trigger took me a little getting used to but not long. Since the second time I've shot a 1911 I can't imagine reaching for anything else.
    Dont get my wrong, I enjoy shooting any firearm but the 1911 in 45 is hands down my go to gun. A thinner grip might help you if your hands are small but after a little time behind one I think you'll love it.

    Tell him to let you play with his gun and little and see how it feels. Now that I think about it, I'm going to tell my wife the same thing.
  15. masterPsmith

    masterPsmith New Member

    Well, I guess I can chime in. The reason she dosn't like the 1911 is because the only one she has shot is my double stack Para and the grip frame is too fat for her hand. I will have her shoot a single stack this Sunday and see if she likes it better.

  16. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    Well that explains it. You NEED to buy a single stack!

    Divorce - 0
    Spitty - 1

    The rest of you need to make appointments.
  17. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    A double stack??

    That doesn't count as trigger time behind a 1911. Somebody get that lady a real 1911 to shoot and we will pick this discussion up after she experiences the true majesty that is John Moses Browning's masterpiece.

  18. BillM

    BillM Active Member Supporter

    FWIW, here is how I set up my wifes series 70 Colt 9mm Govt mdl.
    She has the smallest hands I have ever seen on an adult. Shops
    for gloves in the kids section. This gun fits her hands and she
    shoots it well.:)

    Thin grips
    Flat mainspring housing
    Short trigger
    Mitchell right side mag release
    Low pad safety (Brownell's 340-100-044)
    extended slide release

    Champion adjustable rear sight to fit the Novak cut
    Dawson .100 fiber optic front sight
    11 lb recoil spring and a 17 lb mainspring
    Tripp research 10 rd magazines
  19. masterPsmith

    masterPsmith New Member

    Wish I would have kept all the 1911s I had through the years. Built dozens and dozens of them for competition back in the 70s and 80s for customers and competed with them clear up to the late 80s. They were also my favorite off duty gun and still carry one today (I do prefer to carry my P-14).We are going shooting Sunday with friends and my brother and I will put a single stack in her hands and see if she likes it. She will also have several of her handguns with us. I think Monday will be devoted just to cleaning guns..........................

  20. Mema

    Mema New Member

    OK already. Had a gun lesson tonight and will be shooting many many guns on Sunday. We will continue this then as I am sure I will have other comments. I honestly forgot it was a Para Ordnance. :eek:

    Had him drag all of my guns out too so I will be getting in a lot of range time on Sunday. :D