Stupid is as stupid (me) does

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  1. chloeshooter

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    So I just HAD to get that last 1/2 ounce of trigger adjustment on my Remington 700. It's an ADL, and if you don't have the internal magazine 100% flush when you tighten it to the action, guess what happens when you tighten the action screw with a walnut stock?

    SPLIT! 3' wood crack between the trigger assembly and the action screw. I wanted to cry, I was so disgusted with myself. I have taken this rifle and re assembled 100 times without a problem.....

    it's a 30-06, so no interest in gluing or anything else that won't handle the recoil.

    I found a used synthetic stock. Immediately floated the barrel must admit it 'molds to' the action much better than the walnut. I miss the classic look, but hey this is an all-weather hunting rifle. So I guess I have one of those black ops sniper rifles now lol. I'll miss that old wood stock, interested in seeing if she shoots different now.

    Anybody else do something stupid to screw up a gun when you should have known better?
  2. longunner

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    I just recently broke a tap in the bolt body of my Mosin. I felt it tensing up but wanted to get one tiny little bit more out of the turn. :embarrassed:

  3. therewolf

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    Retired from home renovations. Wish I had a nickel for every time

    I tightened a screw too tight on that gig. Foremost in my mind is the time

    I tightened down a toilet base too tight, and craa-aa-aac-c-ck!

    Or the time I installed a glass sliding door, and drilled too tight

    towards the glass for the security bolt. The 5X7 foot safety

    glass panel shattering into a million pieces sounded more like

    "SCHROOO-ISCTH-klink! Ka-crish,ka-crish,ka-crish!" I think

    this background has made me very careful around my shootin'


    On a brighter note, I enjoy all my synthetic and composite stocks

    far too much. Wood is nice, but these plastic babies don't scratch,

    dent, or stain, stay clean, and fit like a glove.
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  5. TLuker

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    The synthetics are more practical but I still love the wood. Just something about hunting with a fine piece of wood and steel in your hand. :cool:

    As for all of the stupid things I've done, I've learned to develop selective memory. All of the people I know could probably come up with a long list of stupid things I've done, but I don't remember any of it. :D
  6. KG7IL

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    Whas that three foot crack or three inch crack?

    Are you sure it can't be repaired?

    I would think wedge, syringe glue, clamp, refinish would make a serviceable fix.
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  7. chloeshooter

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    Not interested in a cracked stock glued or otherwise
  8. Anna_Purna

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    Sorry to hear about your loss, Chloeshooter.
    I have never done anything to a gun, but I could write a novel on how to mess up an RCBS 30-06 sizer die. :(
  9. clr8ter

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    I recently checked in on my guns after sitting in the cabinet for no more than 3 months. I'd had to build a barrel rest out of wood covered with felt to replace the POS it came with. After that short amount of time, the barrels rusted (slightly) where they touched the felt. The stainless ones were the worst. Very disappointed with that. I put some rem oil on the felt, cleaned the guns, and it happened again 3 or so weeks later! Made a new rest, new felt, way more gun oil, and we'll see......
  10. rockratt

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    If it involves wood I can screw it up. Like a friend says " you can't screw something up if you don't do anything".
  11. johnr1943

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    It's OK, it's in our gene pool! :rolleyes::D
  12. therewolf

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    This is so true. Are you to do nothing, and never enjoy the attempts,

    and the results, good and bad? OP, think of all the successful things

    you have done, tuning your rifles. Would you trade all them to avoid

    this one cracked stock failure?

    I know when I get a rifle, it generally needs some type of

    personal touch. The sling usually needs to get replaced with

    one which won't scratch the wood stock, for starters. The LOP

    can be a challenge, scopes, sights, and hardware. Are we to

    trust all this to gunsmiths, and lose the private enjoyment of

    making a commonly manufactured unit our own?
  13. JonM

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    yeah, im still kicking myself for putting my acog on a larue QD mount. i bought into the larue hype. the thing started digging into my rail on my bcm carbine tried to remove and the pot metal screws larue ships out stripped the hex heads. had to VERY carefully drill out the larue screws and HOPE i didnt touch the threads on the acog.

    fortunately i got em loose.

    all i got was a slightly buggered up rail on my carbine. so no big damage just enough to piss me off