Stupid crap we've all done

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  1. trip286

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    Let's hear it. I got the idea because I just did something totally idiotic.

    I'm reseasoning my great grandmother's cast iron cookware that's been stored for probably 20 years or more...
    Heating it up as hot as I can and knocking off the 115 years worth of grease buildup on the outside, and then seasoning it with hot oil...
    Anyways, I spilled a little oil, so I switched eyes on the stove so I could clean it up before it catches fire, and I (extremely stupidly) grabbed the grate with my bare hand. Yeah. It smarts a bit. I could smell it cook.

    So...share your idiocy, please. Make me feel better about myself.
  2. downsouth

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    This site simply doesn't have the capacity for me to list all the stupid crap I've done in 52 years.

  3. UrbanNinja

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    I just told this story yesterday.. but its always a good one to share about my stupidity.

    Many years ago I had a 1989 Nissan Pathfinder that I purchased as a parts truck for my '91 Nissan pick-up.

    I literally bought it off of a guy, driving down the road by my house who was on his way to a scrap yard to junk the truck. He told me it had two blown cylinders and was only running on 4 cylinders, but it still ran. I bought it for $300. The truck was in amazing shape, so I figured I'd go over really well to see if I could save it, instead of ripping it apart.

    I started my process of elimination. Checking the fuels lines,oil,battery,spark plugs,air filter,etc...

    Next I started the motor to check the spark from the wires to the plugs. Using non-conductive pliers I started pulling each individual wire from the plugs and looking for the spark while the motor was running. So now I'm leaning into the engine bay with my knees pressed against the front bumper (the pathfinder has steel bumpers) I got to cylinder no.4, I lost grip of the sparkwire and it headed toward the fan.

    My first instinct is "grab the wire before it gets wrapped in the fan". Big mistake that was. I felt every bit of electricity go through my hands,chest,stomach,legs and then finally out of my knees and into that steel bumper.

    I can honestly say... that was nothing like sticking your tongue to a 9v battery. :D

    EDIT: I did at least get that truck running and saved it from its doom. Turns out it had 2 clogged fuel injectors. ;)
  4. vincent

    vincent New Member

    We once cut down 17 the wrong yard. :eek:

    2 houses with the same numerical address but different streets, a block away from each other. They get each other's mail all the time, pizza, etc.. even a lumber delivery got dropped in the wrong driveway. There was 17 trees marked, the addy matched up so we went to work. When the homeowner came home he acted shocked and upset but we later came to find out he was taking estimates earlier to have those trees removed. Of course he sued and ended up getting 2k per tree from our insurance co, and his trees cut for free...

    We made the news and everything...oops

    True story...:cool:
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  5. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Slow speed crusing the neighborhood, late at night- in a police cruiser. Holding radio mike in right hand, Steering with heel of right hand. Make a low speed left turn- smartly wrapping the microphone cord right around the steering column. Problem was, I ran out of slack on the mike cord, but still had to turn the wheel some more or hit THAT! (Fixed object, property of US Postal Service, painted blue)

    Had to buy beer for the guys in the radio shop to get them to quit laughing, had to write report to the boss detailing my SIP (stupid in public) and pay for the damage to the mike cord. :eek:
  6. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    120mph on gravel in a Hyundai scoupe.

    175mph on a R1.

    A seven year relationship with a crazy *****.

    Backing into an Infiniti q45 with my fedex truck.

    Maintaining employment at my current job.

    Those are the easiest to tell
  7. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    You're racking up quite the record. I've done at least one of those.
  8. rifleman1

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  9. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    Not always a bad thing, depending on who it is.
  10. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker New Member

    I never do anything stupid... :rolleyes: J/K

    I have a habit of not waiting for stuff to cool down before I grab it, so I get burned a lot (most of the time, it doesn't leave a blister). It happens mostly out in the shop. I've been getting better at not doing that though. :D

    Trip, I had a sort of similar experience to yours a while back. I had just taken 4 pot pies out of the oven, and as I was turning to set them down, they all decided to slide to one side of the pan. When they did that, I began to lose my grip on them. Well, reaction happened faster than thought, so I grabbed the other side of the pan with my ungloved hand. The good news is that I saved the pot pies, the bad news is that I had a nice imprint of the pan burned into my hand for awhile.
  11. TimKS

    TimKS Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    I have NEVER done anything stoopid in my life.

    ...bless me father for I have sinned..........................:D
  12. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    I have a similar story: In the early 70s our city was going through a construction boom. They were building houses as fast as they could lay out subdivisions. I was sent, with a crew to rough-in the plumbing on a house in one of the new, and poorly marked subdivisions. There were several foundations in a row. I picked the address and went to work. I kept noticing that a contractor that I didn't know kept riding by, eyeballling my crew....

    As we were packing up, with the rough completed, inspected and backfilled, he stopped by to thank us for putting the plumbing in the wrong house. Oops.

    My boss at that time was the biggest tightwad in the state. Needless to say, he was not a happy camper...... Oh well!
  13. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    Tex, you know you've messed up when you can read, "caution: hot surface" in the burns...
    Yeah, I've done that!
  14. Ranger-6

    Ranger-6 New Member

    I took a chance of being born on this planet. I don't remember the agreement or even the acceptance, but once I realized that I was trapped here I knew I made a very stupid choice. All I can do now is just ride it out.
  15. TimL2952

    TimL2952 New Member

    Welll....My brother (16) got a new .17 HMR and his trigger finger was really itching. We live in a more rural area but we have neighbors about 50ft away on either side and we live on a busier road. He slides down the bathroom window and puts about 5 rounds into our Dirt Pile/Backstop.

    Neighbor 1 called the police, and nothing against em, but 2 police women show up to our house, guns drawn, yelling "WHERE'S THE GUN?!?!?!" etc. etc.

    I answer calmly, tell them what transpired, and that while stupid, and breaking the 500ft rule (although we had all of our neighbors' permission) he was being safe. The officers asked us to bring out all of our firearms (Including replicas, airsoft, bb guns, knives, and ammo)

    after about 9 trips, all of our stuff is laid out in the living room and they're just staring at our collection...even said "Jesus Christ...what are you kids doing?!"

    I went on to explain that we are competetive shooters that help educate local youth about firearms, safety and conservation and that my brother was being a little dumb.

    She let us go with a warning instead of confiscating nearly $17,000 worth of guns (Including my competition gun! I would've been PISSED!:mad:)
  16. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    For you youngsters out there- the ones that still have all their teeth- some of us have dentures. In my case, an upper plate.

    One of the things you don't think of- the denture covers not only the gums, but the roof of your mouth. With the result that you NEVER burn the roof of your mouth with anything hot- because of the layer of denture material between the molten-lava-cheese-sauce-sticks-to-body-parts-like-napalm and your body.

    Until the day you absent-mindedly take a bite of the mac & cheese just out of the oven, forgetting that you have not yet put your upper plate in place.....and run around looking for a putty knife to scrape this incandescent glob off the roof of your mouth, or an ice cube to toss in there and harden the magma.


    Compounded by folks asking you what is wrong, and you being unable to respond in any manner except HOCK! HOCK! DOO DAM HOCK!

    I would have throughly savaged the daughter for rolling on the kitchen floor laughing, but SHE is probably the one that will pick out my nursing home someday......
  17. primer1

    primer1 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Too funny, c3. My buddies stupid thang...I stumbled out of a bar with a couple buddies (years ago) during an ice storm. One talked me and the other into going to a different bar. The driver wasn't drunk but he is a little on the hyperactive side. He was eager to brag about the electronic all wheel drive in his olds bravada. The next thing I know we are doing 103 mph... on ice. I was waiting for it to start spinning or getting squirrelly but it stayed straight.They never should have quit making those bravadas.
    When I was younger and a lot dumber...
    I had bought a Taurus 357 with a custom trigger job. Long story short the springs were so light they didn't always strike the primer hard enough to ignite it. I was pi$$&! but I loved the trigger pull... so much I kept pulling it while walking back to the house. I thought for sure I counted six bangs with about 15 trigger pulls when BANG, about small bomb crater three inches from my foot. I broke three of the four gun safety rules and almost wet myself on that one, I wish I had it recorded for a YouTube video.
  18. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    Well, there was the time my brother and I caught a shrub on fire in front of the house on July 4th, around 0700, trying to light a too wet cattail. We decided it would dry if we put some fire to it. My brother dipped it in gasoline from the lawn mower and lit it. It went 'POOF' and my brother got scared and threw the flaming cattail into a shrub. The fire started, he ran to get the garden hose to put it out. He didn't turn it on with enough force and while he was holding the hose to the shrub he told me to go turn the water on to a faster flow. Me, being only about 7, didn't know which way was off and which way would make the water flow faster. Yep, I turned it the wrong way and he had a fit. I turned it the other way and he finally got the fire out. By then, the people across the street had seen our antics in front of the house and called the fire department. Needless to say my Mother was not happy to wake up and find the fire department in front of her house. :eek:
  19. mrm14

    mrm14 Active Member

    M1 Garand thumb. Did it several times in my early teens until I got it into my thick head to rip the bolt all the way back. Hurts like a mofo. Done more dumber, dangerous things in my youth and lived, but don't think I should put them on a public forum. Kids might get ideas.
  20. Blueguns

    Blueguns New Member

    Just the other day I rode a bicycle down this 50+ foot tall steep hill. Needless to say at the jump at the end of the hill I got a good 4-5 feet of air. Only my bike went one way and I went the other, completely screwing up my back when landing hard on star thistle. Flying through the air at high velocities is not fun without the bike under you.