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    stun gun for minors

    Does anyone know what the law might be in TN about minors carrying stun guns. I have a 16 year old daughter and I know that she cant carry a pistol but it is dark sometimes when she leaves work and I have told her to have one of the guys at work go out to her jeep with her but i also bought her a stun gun. It is one that has an LED on it so I have her carry it like a flashlight so she will always have it in her hand and no one will notice it is a stun gun. i would like to just let her carry my 38
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    You can find the information here: Stun Guns Laws | Stun Guns Legal | Are Stun Guns Illegal?

    Double check with an attorney or your local police.

    From what I read there, they are legal to carry and only security guards who get them as issued weapons need to get a certificate showing they underwent proper training to use them.