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  1. wilber1

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    I have a Savage Model 116 in 7mm mag. I have noticed that the screw behind the trigger guard had become loose. When I tightened it down the threads stripped. I am leaving on an elk hunt in Montana in 2 weeks. While this screw does not anchor the rifle( it only screwed into the synthetic stock) I am paranoid about my zero not being reliable. Any opinions on the possible effects on the zero, and any suggestions on how to repair the hole. I'm thinking some kind of resin and then drilling it out, but I am clueless as to what I should use. The only local guy I know who could help me with this is busy in the fields and I do not want to bother him.


  2. moneymaker17

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    post a picture, you should just be able to drill and thread a new hole and new bolt :/ best luck bud

  3. 762

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    what i would do......find a replacement screw (midway, brownells, etc.), take new screw to home depot or lowes and measure the threads, find a tap and thread it again. then use the strongest loctite you can find and reinstall new screw.
  4. Boyerracing343

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    After you tap it out and get a new screw I would use loctite at stated above. The blue bottle should be just fine since the red bottle may make it near impossible to bust loose again.
  5. Txhillbilly

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    Wilber1,That screw will have no effect on shooting your rifle.

    To fix it,Take the action out of the stock and use an epoxy to fill the hole in the stock.
    After the epoxy has cured,just drill a hole a little smaller than the screw,and put the screw back in.

    Screw it in tight,but not too much,or it will do the same thing again.
  6. wilber1

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    Thanx, I was hoping that my zero would stay intact. First elk hunt for me, and the last one (so he says) for my dad. 77 years old with a double bypass and a valve replacement in March. Will I ever be half the man my father is?

  7. Hawk

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    I agree. This would be the easiest way to solve the problem. I also agree that the loose screw won't effect accuracy as long as the action remains tight in the stock.
  8. Muliemaster

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    Do what txhillbilly said good solid fix will result also put down the 56inch long screwdriver get a small normal one its not required that it be at 200foot lbs tourque lol ease up feller whoww up cowboy its a synthetic stock not a stump lol sorry bout that had to give u some crap
  9. ttdub

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    Use an apoxy to fill the whole. Then drill a new one.
  10. Snakedriver

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    I have the same rifle and the same screw was stripped out on my factory synthetic stock too when I bought it used. Since in does nothing but anchor the backside of the trigger guard, there's no reason to crank it down like it's an action screw or something. Some people never learn though. Having it loose though has zero affect on the accuracy and performance of the rifle.

    You could look for a larger diameter screw to use at Home Depot or Lowes, or do as ttdub & txhillbilly says and fill the hole with a strong epoxy and let it dry thoroughly, then put a 1/16" dia. pilot hole and reinstall the screw until it snugs up. Anchoring it permanently wih epoxy, Locktite and such wouldn't be a good idea in my opinion.

    I fixed mine for good by getting a nice laminated wood stock from Stocky Stocks and installing the screw in a proper fashion without the tons of torque applied. :cool:
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  11. Shade

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    Epoxy is your best bet, you can even screw your screw in before it cures
    and tighten it a bit more after it cures.

    Loctite will not cure on plastics, wood or stainless steel so that is not an
    option. You can get a primer for stainless applications. Also for gunwork
    Loctite 222 (purple) is your product of choice.