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  1. Rodmaker

    Rodmaker New Member

    Have you ever used one of these? It is the best loader I have seen. Bought two of these and they work as advertised. Hands down the easiest and the best. Can load a 30 round mag in a matter of seconds.:D

    [ame=]YouTube - M-16 / AR- 15 NATO 5.56 StripLULA magazine loader[/ame]
  2. canebrake

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    I have both the LULA and StripLULA. Got the LULA first and was impressed.

    Then I saw the StripLULA and had to try it. I rarely use my LULA anymore.

    I recommend both loaders to assist the loading and unloading of your mags.

    They both work as advertised and worth every penny spent. Either is on sale somewhere most anytime, just Google it.

    But if you're anything like me, get the StripLULA!