striped lower registration?

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    if i buy a lower that's registered as a pistol i know that I build it into a rifle but does that work both ways? can I strip off the stock from my rifle and replace the necessary parts then just throw a pistol upper on without having to notify LLE or ATF?
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    While I don't know what state you are in so I cannot speak for your state laws. When a stripped lower is Acquired by a dealer and then sold it is done in the category of "other" and "receiver". The feds and all paperwork associated do not consider it a rifle or pistol.

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    What I believe is the case (but don't know for a 100% fact)...

    A new stripped lower is a new lower. Period. It can be built into a rifle or a pistol.

    A lower that's been previously used on a pistol can become a 16"+ rifle with no issues.

    A lower that's been used on a rifle can not become a pistol. Only virgin AR lowers or those that have always been used as pistol lowers can have pistols built upon them without extra paperwork and headaches.

    That's the rule as I understand it. I could be wrong. I could just be some internet wack-job for all you know.
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    Once it is made into a rifle, it cannot go back to being a pistol. It would then, as the ATF would prhrase it, become a "firearm made FROM a rifle", and be considered an SBR.

    Please do not ask me to explain the logic behind that. This IS the Fedral Gummint we are speaking of here.....

    There ARE limited exceptions to that- I believe the Thompson Contender was ONE limited exception. But be VERY careful with this.
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    If a contender is a rifle when it is new, it is illegal to use a pistol barrel on it. The way I understand it is if it started as a pistol you can go back and forth. But not if it was a rifle.