Strip Clips vs. Speed Loader

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by CHLChris, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. CHLChris

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    I'm researching for a revolver for my wife. She'll probably purse carry, sometimes pocket carry. Who knows? Maybe even ankle carry at some point.

    I've narrowed it down to the Smith 642/442/637 and possibly the LCR. My suggestion to her will be the 642 ($50 off right now!!) with CT.

    Here's the question: Do y'all think she would prefer (or succeed better) reloading with a strip or a speed loader? My impression is that the speedloader is the best way to go, but I haven't handled either so I just want people's thoughts. She will probably not practice very often, so the system needs to be as simple as possible.

    Thus, the revolver, BTW...
  2. orangello

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    I am not a long-time revolver owner and don't practice, but the speedloaders i picked up for my GP100 are very intuitive and easy to use. I have not tried the speed strip things. I bet she will have enough purse space for a speedloader.

  3. hnealg

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    The big advantage of the strip is size. The SpeedLoader is bulky but it is faster to use. Being that she will most likely have a handbag, I'd recommend the speedloader, it's 1. faster, 2. fewer motions (which can be important at times of high stress); 3. a little easier to align (just once whereas the strip will take at least 3 times getting the bullet into the chamber); and 4. the less chance of the individual rounds coming loose in the pocket or purse.

    Having said that, IF you are concealing on body, carrying the spare ammo in a pocket, the strips conceal a whole lot better!
  4. KBlue

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    When im packing my j frame, I always carry 2 speed strips in a pocket holster and 2 speedloaders in the center console of my jeep. If I carried a man bag, the speedloaders would go there, lol.
  5. CHLChris

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    I just bought 2 HKS speedloaders. Yeah, she'll have room, but I could imagine her not being able to find them in her purse when needed. Oh well, better than not even having them.

    I read (and will try to follow this advice) that one should load the revolver even during range practice using the speedloader, basically to get repetitions with the process. It is one extra step, but since a full range trip with a J-frame is basically 10-15 reps of loading and firing, it is good practice.
  6. utf59

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    The fastest way to reload a revolver is with moon clips, but I don't know if your wife's revolver accepts them. They also seem like they might be a little flimsy to ride around in a purse.

    Speed loaders are next, and there are several kinds. The HKS you mentioned are the most common. Safariland makes some that are supposed to be faster than the HKS, but I've never used them.

    Speed strips are slower than everything but loading loose rounds. As mentioned, though, they conceal best.

    My only concern with speed loaders would be that in a purse, they might pick up some small article or other that would make them difficult or impossible to use until the article is removed.
  7. CHLChris

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    OOOOHHHHH darn! Just a few hours too late. I totally would have bought those if I'd seen this pst before my cheaperthandirt order a few hours ago.

    And they're cheaper. Maybe I'll return the HKS ones...probably not. Maybe I should just buy 2 more...probably not.

    Hey, you, next reader! Buy the Safariland speed loaders!

    Good advice, willfully!
  8. Rick1967

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    I have both. Safariland rocks.
  9. danf_fl

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    Which revolver is the little lady thinking of getting? Just as I won't buy the wife's shoes, I don't buy her the car, vacuum cleaner, mop, or anything else she wants. I just end up paying for it. (I do reserve the right to put in my research info, but final decision is hers.)
  10. CHLChris

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    We ended up buying a Smith and Wesson 642 with Crimson Trace:

    Which revolver fits?

    I did a LOT of reading and she wanted a revolver, so this is the one that rose to the top.
  11. MB44

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  12. canebrake

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    I use strips because I haven't found a speed loader that works on the LCR.

    Anyone out there found one that works?
  13. CHLChris

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    I can't recall where I saw this, Cane, but a few days ago when I was researching these things I was reading some reviews on one of the interwebz sites. Someone very clearly said of the HKS speedloader designed for S&W J-frames something like, "If you're wondering whether this works for the LCR, it does." I think that is verbatim.

    Have you tried the HKS or are you just looking for one to SAY that it fits the LCR? HKS should update all their charts for marketing reasons since the LCR is so popular, but they haven't. Stupid of them.
  14. diggsbakes

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    I use speed-loaders, because that's what I've always had and never even tried strips. :eek:

    I'm gonna have to get one or two for each revolver and try 'em out!
  15. JTJ

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    Get her a purse with a built in holster/compartment for the revolver. If you have ever looked a womans purse you will know why. She might not be able to find the gun let alone the reloads. :D There are several around and the NRA store carries them along with concealment clothing.