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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by lbwar15, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. lbwar15

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    Most likely a dumb question but here it is. I leve my XD cocked and ready to go 24/7. How long before I'm going to have to replace parts?
  2. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    I believe that the common misconception is that a spring at rest, or a spring under load, is being worn, when in effect they get worn out going from one condition to the other, over and over again.

    If the weapon is cocked and you are not cycling it through fire, or constantly dry firing it, day after day I would say to check it once a year, or after a range session, and if it looks worn or appears to be soft, replace it.

    Same question comes up all the time with magazines and leaving them loaded. Lots of testimony that of mags sitting for years fully loaded without a hassle.

    Plus spring quality today is pretty damn good, so I think you are fine to be honest.

    And if I am wrong, BELIEVE ME, someone will be along with a link shortly after this post bumps it back up to the top of the list. ;)


  3. orangello

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    As long as you keep it pointed in a safe direction and exercise proper trigger discipline, you should be able to retain your parts.
  4. pioneer461

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    Congrats, that is the way the gun was designed to be carried. If you are like most of us, you likely will not have to replace parts in your lifetime, unless you use it for competition shooting. Now having said that, guns are mechanical devices and as with any other, are subject to Murphy's Law.
  5. lbwar15

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    Thanks for the info. The only time it gets unloaded is to put range ammo in or well you know the other reason I would unload it.
  6. Coyotenator

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    I have had mine for 5 years or so and it is except for cleaning time ,always loaded ,with one in the pipe, and I have had ZERO issues with it or the mags.
    I also have put 1000s of rounds thru it and never had a FTF or malfunction of any type.