Streamlight ProTac HL 600 Lumen

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  1. mudpupp

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    I just received my Streamlight ProTac HL 600 lumen pocket light today.

    Review after photo

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    My Review;

    It's a little bigger than my EDC, (see pic) and a little heavier, but also a 2 battery tube.

    The strobe is about 3/4 speed of my EDC but still about 6 flashes per second so quite effective.

    The Light is quite bright, but when you break the 300 lumen barrier the additional light may be overkill.

    The light has a strong center spot, and then about a 1/2 power outer ring that casts a wide area of light.


    If I was ever out driving at night and one or both of my headlights failed, this flashlight and some ductape would get me home through the darkest of areas.

    If you wish to stop someone in their tracks, disorientate, and blind them while you made your escape, evasion, or attack, then this is perfect.

    I don't know if this will replace my current EDC (Fenix PD30), at 257 Lumen, but it will be my AR-15 light.

    If you need a pocket size spot light, I highly recommend. If you don't, stick with 300 lumens or less.


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  2. ShagNasty1001

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    I have the 2L as my work light to look behind machines and what not and really like it at 180 lumens. I thought of picking the one you just got for my AR as well, how well would it mount? I've never held one so I'm not sure how big the tube is

  3. John_Deer

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    The lights on ebay hold up pretty well and they are cheap. I have a 1600 lumen light on my shotgun. It really lights up a coyote. The blue light that the cree bulb produces is eerie when you shine it on a coyote.

    You can change the bulb in your Streamlight very cheap, check Ebay. Your battery usage will go way up. I have rechargeable batteries in my lights. They last about 45 minutes on high. My lights are no-name aluminum housing, Surefire knock offs. They cost under $15 and the rechargable batteries with a charger run about $15 for 2.
  4. mudpupp

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    It mounts very well.
    The Tube is your standard size that holds 2 -CR123a Batteries.
    It's only the head that is slightly enlarged over standard lights.

    The don't yet make a remote pressure switch (that I can find) but it is easily activated.

    For $65 it's great.