Strange/Weird/spooky Tidbits about ur State/Town

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    One that always come to mind up here in Maine,and i always have to go visit it when i roll into town is "The Witch's Foot" DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!

    In the town of Bucksport, Maine where Fort Knox is also. Theres a big grave monument put there for Col. Buck around 1750 or so. He was the head cheese of the town at the time and rumor has it... On the grave itself right on the face of it theres a huge shape of a witchs foot( looks like a pointed boot). The story is, he ordred the burning ofa witch back in the day and her foot rolled out of the bonfire. Her only son therefore put a curse upon the Col. for burnin his Mom the witch.

    They have tried several times to remove the foot shaped stain for it only to reappear everytime:eek:

    Another creeper is Stephen Kings house in bangor with his wrought iron fence surrounding his horror house. Gargoyels ad other spooky sheet also adorn his big azz house.
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    The one I like
    The Gurdon lights. If I remember right its a story about a railroad worker got killed by a train and he still wonders the tracks.
    Well the light u see running around the tracks is from gas and light reflection

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    Where I live....dun, dun, can't buy liquor on Sunday!

    The horror, the horror.

    CaptJack, an interesting bit of history for you to look at..someone from the Buck family moved to Eastern N.C. on the Waccamaw River, and started a large plantation/logging company.
    Of course they named it Bucksport.
    In my old job on boats, I stopped there many times to stay the night.
    Very remote by land.
    Sorry, but I don't remember a year. Possibly pre Civil War.
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    Well boatme98 , That was funny , LOL.! :D

    Unfortunately , I hold that present "TITLE" on all listed , these poor people never see-ed any thing like me before.! :)

    Do love to scare the crap out-a me though ! :D
    Maine , home of ......Steven King..? Eeeeeek..! :confused:
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    Im within 1/2 mile of the geographic center of NY state and 5 miles from the birthplace of abolitionism. I own a 190 year old house that has a dead room in it so that when settlers in Irish Settlement died, they would be on display in my Parlor before burial. I aint fraid of no ghost!
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    Dude that takes balls I am scared a ghosts you can't shoot them. !!!!!lol when I was looking for a rent house I found a great house at a great price but there was a murder there in like the 30s that was a deal breaker
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    Here in Richmond VA, the Governor and First Family actually LIVE in the Governor's Mansion-accompanied by a ghost.

    The ghost is of a young woman (rather pretty) wearing a light blue fancy dress. She has been encountered by a number of folks, including the Governor. There are two stairways that go from the first floor to the second- a narrow one (for the gents) and a wide stairway (for the ladies with LARGE skirts- it is a very old mansion) The Governor was headed upstairs when he encountered the young lady descending. He stepped back, she came down, smiled and spoke with him. He went upstairs, and asked his daughter who her visitor was?

    Visitor? Don't have a visitor.

    Without discussing details (that are nunayer business) the Mansion has a GOOD electronic security system. Now and again, there will be an indication of a door opening- when you can see it is not.

    But if you said "Miss, please let us know if you wish to walk about." it stops. No mischief, no evil- looks like some young lady just never made it back home from the party. But she had better manners than some folks we had visit there- and she was not unwelcome.
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    Interesting stuff folks.
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    There's tales of haunting all over the area in my slice of Ky. I used to hang out on a place called Hells Hollow. Stories abound about people seeing all kinds of wild stuff. I didn't see the balls of fire many talked about. I did once in the day time see what appeared to be a farmer standing looking out over the lake. I reached into my truck to get some cigs and looked back a few seconds later and he was gone. I thought he looked way out of place being he was dressed really out of date. I had just moved to the area and didn't know the stories about it yet. I was just out exploring around my new area. I told a neighbor about the odd incident and he said there was a farmer that lived in the old house many years ago that when he took his lunch he would sit and look out at the land he lost when they made Lake Cumberland. I was not a real believer in things like that so I kind of blew it off. Later I'd see him at night in the same place. Thing is there's no farms near that area anymore and has not been for a while.

    It wasn't until I met my wife that I took a more involved look at all things paranormal. She seems to be a magnet for spirits. But she sees them easier than most people I guess. She's a bit of a sensitive. Soon after we met she had a problem with her feet. She was in great pain and got to the point she could hardly walk. She go to hurting so bad she started praying for any kind of relief. She soon after said she seen a little boy with long blonde hair. He was taking her toes in his fingers one at a time, I never seen the boy but I did watch each of her toes move in a way that I honestly don't think any human can do. They pulled up and kind of rolled from side to side, like when you take it between your thumb and forefinger and roll it. It really was freaky to see one toe at a time do this. The next day she was up and around like she was 100% good to go. My wife is one tough *** woman but this thing had her to tears. So it had to be really rough. But the subsiding was the fastest thing I ever seen anyone bounce back from. She was able to go to the welcome back party we had form a friend that had just got back for Iraq.

    My wife has told me several stories about a little village that was built at the end of our little hollow. Apparently many years ago a man on horseback come in and killed many people. Her grandparents had known of it when they where real young. She had actually read in archives a newspaper article about this but when I went back years later to try and make copies the article seemed to disappear. And no one wanted to talk about it. But there are a few of the old folks around that remember the incident. The family that owns that land today told me they did tear down what was left of several houses when they bought the property and the old man that did the work then remembered the story as well. It was why he really wanted those houses down.

    On the old road to the town several miles away is an abandoned house. Many people that have went there to look around have told many stories about screams coming out of nowhere. A Friend f my wife lives really close and while visiting with her my wife and her friend heard the most awful screams.They went to see what was up and could see the glare of an old TV and a woman screaming like she was in a live or death type deal. Now there has been no power to this house in many years. So a TV being on by some squatter seemed pretty impossible. They got to the porch and the TV light went out and the noise all stopped. They looked around in the house and there was no evidence of anyone being there for a long time. She later found out that a man that lived there many years ago was said to have killed at least one person and a few bodies disappeared that they thought he had done something with. The old stories say they where buried underneath in a root cellar. Being the house as abandoned for a long time the county reclaimed the land. They hired a man to knock down the house and he failed. Bent the blade on his dozer trying. THe house seems very much liek it's trying not to die. Though th eroof has become weak and started to sag ni pretty good now. But it really should have fell long ago. It's like the house is fighting to keep whatever secrets it has inside.

    As I said earlier, my wife seems to be a paranormal magnet. She says spirits can tell that you can see them and will go to these kind of people.I can't count the times she's just stopped what she's doing and said there was someone in a doorway trying to talk to her. I started keeping a recorder around to try and get sounds or voices. WE have caught a few that I can't account for. Most the time not though. She has had people (spirits) that she said they knew me. She would tell me what they said and I would give her questions to ask back. The nerve racking part si I have not told my wife much about where and how I grew up. I am a leave the past in the past kind of guy. She gave me what she said was an apology form a young man with long hair that blew my mind. The young man said sorry for almost killing me. He shot himself and I was there and near by. The bullet left him and missed me by not too far. The man was the best mechanic I ever knew. He used to build race cars. He was hit in the head and in a coma for about a year. When he woke up he had forgot everything about that. People always was telling him how he was able to do this or that and it really started getting to him. From a man with a promising career and a job offer for a major racing engine builder to on government assistance in public housing. And in front of a few friends and his brother he took the easy way out. And damn near took me with him. I had never told he that story. Not the mans name, history, nothing. Yet somehow she new it all and told me about it all. I said I accepted his apology and told him I missed him still. He was a good friend. After that she said he left. I guess he felt the need to do it. I become a hard core believer in her ability to see things like this from then on.

    Things move around this place all the time still. I'm real forgetful so I have a habit of putting in the same place all the time. Keys, ect. And many times I will find them in other parts of the house. The wife attributes most of it to a little blonde haired girl that she says often follows me around the house. She will stand next to me all he time. I have on idea who this girl is, she never talks. I don't know of any little girl that has passed. But she seems attached to me. So when my keys or other shiny things get gone I'll say things like "now stop messing with my stuff, I have to have those things and many times the just show back up where I usually put them even though I know they where not there before. But at last I can get to where I"m going when she gives my keys back.:)

    I guess it makes me a pretty odd duck. A man that can't say with any assurance that I have ever seen a ghost. I mean, maybe but I can't say oh yes I have. But I have a very strong belief in the paranormal. I have caught what they call EVP but that's about it. I figure it's a matter of time though. I have the paranormal lightning rod that is my wife. She says that they try to stay away from me. Though I would have on idea why.

    There are tons of places around my area that are reported haunted. I'd love to go to some of them and see what could be documented. My faith says there is such tihng as the human soul. Science tells me energy can not be removed. It just moves on. So maybe for some when they reach the clearing at the end the path they choose to hang around for whatever reason. I honestly don't believe we living humans have the capability to fully understand it all. Not while we are on this Earth anyway.
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    A few years ago my sister used to play her violin at an Irish pub. My mother, father and I would go with her along with our good friends that lived near it. While they would sit at the table near the stage Myself and their son (my best friend) would go out back to play with our nerf guns. As we were gathering our darts for the next shoot out we steeped into a small garden, out of nowhere we heard a female voice that said "get off of my tulips"

    That whole area has lots of buildings and battle fields from the Civil War, to this day we don't know what it was.
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    Susan Collins, nuff said!
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    Fascinating stuff, DrumJunkie. I have no problem at all believing in ghosts, though I've never seen an apparition. There have been a few mysterious things that have happened around me, but no sounds or far.

    I know too many highly intelligent and honest people who have seen ghosts not to believe they exist.
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    Goggle the octagon house in d.c.
    Still spooky.