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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Dizzll, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Hey guys... Went to the range a couple days ago and I have been doing good at going once a week (but damn it's getting expensive). I only shoot my carry weapons Glock 30, G19, and G27. I have gotten (at times) pretty dang good with these little suckers up to about 50 feet (I feel no need to practice past that distance cuz I only carry for SD). Anyhow I'm not sure if I wasn't rested or what but I couldn't even keep a 6" group at 10yds using the sights. So out of frustration I just dumped a couple of mags at high speed point shooting and unbelievably my groups were tighter. Thinking it was just luck I tried it with all 3 guns and to my amazement I was shooting damn accurate. I even back up to 50 feet and was able to get in the black w/o sights at all. Have any of you experienced this? I have zero training with point shooting, but have heard of it. I am also wondering if that's how I should train from now on, seeing how IRL you may not have time for sights anyhow...
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    I hate it when that happens. Effin around and doing better than seriouse shooting.


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    Congrats! Welcome to close quarter point shooting! ;)
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    I had a private sessions with a national-level IPSC competitor, and he did tell me it is best to practice using the sights all the time, to the point where it is subconscious. We did some drills (El Presidente, with three silhouette targets at like 5 yards away). After some pretty good successs I made a comment about barely even remembering looking at my sights, and he said it is probably because I have good natural aim, but that won't cut it at even slightly longer ranges. He then set up two ~8" steel targets another 10 yards back in between the silhouettes (about 15yd total for those), and told me to shoot those after the silhouettes. Of course, even though I made A-zone hits on the silhouettes apparently not looking at the sights, I missed the first shot on both gongs and had to more carefully re-aim with the sights for the second shot. Had I been in the habit of using my sights the whole time, it might have taken me a split-second longer for the silhouettes (at least until I get better, because obviously he was lightning quick compared to me and still reports always the sights), but I wouldn't have missed the further targets. However, my biggest shock was really that my brain didn't automatically switch from point-shooting to sight-shooting as the distance increased, since I always imagined it would.

    All that said, I probably would still-point shoot in a quickdraw SD situation out of pure instinct, and I do think it is a good skill to practice so you have that tool available when you've got 1 second to hit the two threats standing 3 yards in front of you.

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    I point shoot,and am pretty good if you ask me.If im feeling good,i can shoot a can around the yard real nice.I feel that it does have its place in certain situations,especially if you have to shoot more than one attacker.