Strange day.....!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dango, May 5, 2016.

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    It started as usual , I awoke ! That's a good thing ! :D fifteen minutes later , my neighbor popped in , literally , she tripped into my house ! :confused: she was ok though , no damage other than her ability to turn red .

    Moving on , I asked if she wanted some things I didn't . I had some Round Up , you know the weed killer ? She took it so I warned her , don't put too much on your Mickey-Ds fries , they all ready did that for us . She was kinda mad , said she had to replace her lawn mower again ! :mad: Auh Kathy , do what I do , I've had my little tractor mower for twelve years ! She asked what's your secret ?
    Welp , I don't use it ;) ! She left with a chuckle then I get a phone call from my son . He asked what did it feel like to marry Deb , his mom ?

    Welp , it's like riding my 1947 hard tail Harley Dividson with hemorrhoids from Naples Fl. to Seatle . He laughed then asked why did I do it then ? I told him "LOVE" , made me retarded ! He , still , why didn't you end it ? Me , welp , just cause it's harder to do doesn't mean I won't still do it ! He looked at me a minute and said , Dad , I met a girl and ....! I stopped him , you can't get her out of your mind , can't sleep , eat , everything about her makes you smile , you can't wait to be back next to her , all the time .....? He said YEAH , WHAT SHOULD I DO ? Me , first off , that ain't Love ! If you are happy all the time when you two are together , buy a bag of whatever yaul are smoking and get holy water ! :D Him , WHAT ? Me ,
    Welp , send me the bag , douse her with the Holy water and call me in three days ............! Sheeeez.......:confused:
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    Strange days are usually among the best. It's the interesting days you have to watch out for! :)

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    Went shooting today. The weather was strange. It co-operated...:woohoo: