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The grips on the 6" Model 586 (extreme left gun in photo) have sort of an interesting story to me.

I saw these grips on a used K-22 Smith & Wesson offered for sale at my local gunshop. I commented at the time that it was almost worthwhile to buy the little .22 just to get the grips. I went back a week or so later, and the gun was gone. But, Mrs. Faulk told me, the buyer had put Pachmyers on the gun and left the grips. I asked her what the price was, and she told me "Ten Dollars."

So, I left that shop with the grips. When I got home, I showed thwem to my wife.

"They're beautiful," she told me, "What gun did you get them for?"

"Well, I don't have a gun for them yet," I told her, "but they were too pretty to pass up."

That's when Smith came out with the Model 586.

Bob Wright
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