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  1. Vertiviper

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    I just purchased a large quantity of ammo. What is the best way to store it? I don't live in a humid climate but from what I hear it's best to keep it in a sealed container of some sort with one of those moisture absorbant doo-hickies? thanks!:D
  2. hunter Joe

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    Tupperware for sportsmen

    Every time I leave a local gun show I try to carry out at least one 50 cal. ammo can. I can usually get one with a good seal (rubber o-ring) for about five dollars. I store primers, pound cans of powder, and many rounds of reloaded ammunition in these cool Tupperware for sportsmen type containers. For a little more money you can buy really cool big ones that will hold a keg of powder. I only have a couple of those because I can never come to grips on any one powder.

    Support your local gun shows. That's where all the cool people hang out.

  3. cobraman

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    I agree on the 50 cal. ammo cans. I put my bulk ammo in a big baggie and throw one of those desiccant packages in with it and then store it in an ammo can.