stop ruining your reputation/making yourself look... dumb -_-

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    I have been to many forums and this one is the most laid back of all of them.
    I did learn lessons from those stricter forums and to name one of them is, "Don't make a thread about something that will start a one sided argument (everyone against you)." Think about how people will react to your thread/post BEFORE you post it. Read it over from a different view point to make sure that the message you are trying to convey isn't easily taken the wrong way.
    If you do make a post and it goes the wrong way, walk away from it. Don't keep on posting trying to salvage it. People will just take it as one of those times were you done something stupid and then forget it. If you draw it out it is, "Boy that dude is a *****."

    Yeah I know, I make dumb mistakes too and some of my posts or threads have made me look like a retard. I, however, look back at them and go, "Oi, you kinda looked dumb" and then not say something along those lines again.

    Just trying to help. The intent of this was not to "bash" anyone. I just figured since we have had two posts along these lines here recently we would get a "third time charm" thing goin on.

    -short version
    If you think it will cause an argument, do not post it.
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    I rush in where angels fear to tread.:rolleyes:

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    Good points.

    You are, of course, presuming we might have had any kind of decent reputation to ruin in the first place though. Speaking personally :p
  5. spittinfire

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    I don't need the internet to make me look stupid.
  6. opaww

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    I look dumb naturally
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    Glock and 1911 would be banned words if everyone followed that. :D
  8. c3shooter

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    Personal rules of internet conduct- (subject to change at my whim)

    1. Remember, it is only the internet.
    2. Just because he is a freaking idiot, it is not necesary that YOU tell him he is a freaking idiot. If he is, others will draw the same conclusion.
    3. There is a reason there are different flavors of ice cream. Some like chocolate, some like strawberry, and some like Glocks. ( Ewww! :p)
    4. It takes no more effort to make a civil reply that a smart assed reply. If the newbie asks what his RG .22 is worth, tell him- but don't go out of your way to make him feel bad about buying it.
    5. Do not ask a question if you are not prepared for the possible answers.
    6. If I ask for someone's opinion on something, there must be a reason I asked for their opinion. Does not mean I have the right to pick a fight with them because our opinions vary.
    7. A little cute goes a long way.
    8. If a planned activity is illegal or physically dangerous, tell the person- then shut up. If you are not a LEO, or the action is not where you will be spattered with human body fluid, not your problem.
    9. Be willing to learn from others. Everyone you meet will know SOMETHING you don't. Catalogue that so you will know who to ask when the time comes.
    10. It ain't worth getting heartburn over.
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  9. Shooter

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    I don't need it, but it is helpful.
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    Mmmkay? As the originator of one of the threads "along these lines", i feel the need to say a couple of things in response. First, informed discussion & debate is one of the most successful & well-regarded methods of expanding group knowledge and has been since, at least, the time of Plato.

    Second, I think that one of us may be misunderstanding the purpose(s) for posting a thread on a forum; i have started forum threads (here & elsewhere) to give others a "heads-up" on an emerging issue, to seek help with a technical question, to seek input on an idea i'm having, to vent frustration at a situation (rants usually go better as a post rather than an entire thread), sometimes to attempt to persuade others that my opinion has merit, and occaisionally, to amuse myself and others. I don't remember starting a thread to insure that my opinions are in-line with those of my fellow forumites, though i have certainly made many posts to express my agreement with another's post/opinion.

    If i didn't think a thread would draw commentary, discussion, or even some arguing, i doubt i would start the thread on that topic.

    If others think me daft based on the epinions i express in a thread, then they should state their thoughts on why i seem to be a moron or ill-informed to educate me. After all, if i am completely wrong about something, i'd rather be told by people whose opinions i respect.

    As for dipping out completely on a thread in which my opinion appears to be in the VAST minority, that seems like a wussy way to leave a discussion. It would seem more appropriate to simply state that my opinion seems to be in the minority and that it appears i should evaluate my stand on this issue. I've been wrong about MANY things in my life, and i've grown a good bit by learning i was wrong and why AND by learning that, though i may not be "wrong," i may hold the minority opinion for a given group.

    Not trying to bash your opinion, just letting you know why I post & what i post, not why & what everyone absolutely must post. It is a free country (more or less) and you guys can post for whatever reason you wish, IMO.
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    C3, great post mate. Loads of common sense right there.

    I've made a fool of myself on national TV a couple of times, trying to reach a worldwide audience on the net seemed like the next natural step.
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    I do not want this to turn into a second argument.

    This is a gun forum. I would assume that MOST people on here are either military or old fashioned. In modern day terms (my generation and some political circles), guns are bad. So that supports people either being old fashioned or military.
    If they are military we can assume that they have a strong attachment to America. America has always been a testing ground and we have always had wilderness. Back to the old fashion bit, old fashioned people love the wilderness.
    So I think it safe to say that a large majority of this forum like the woods.
    Judging from how most people post a lot of these dudes (and girls) are logical thinkers (I find most military people are logical thinkers). I would assume someone who likes the wilderness and is a logical thinker to think of potential dangers and how to deal with them. Most dangers are very simple and can be solved be skill and calm nerves. Others, like wild animals, can be solved by calm nerves or a bullet. So I would assume that most of the forum members would prefer to avoid a fight (because they like the wilderness) and would prefer to let the wilderness be what it was before we decided we were king of this rock.
    So they have already solved the problem in their head.
    If you post something like, "lets kill the bears" it will conflict with two things. 1 Keeping the wilderness the way it is and 2, how they think the situation should be handled.
    So you have a lot of like minded people they you are creating a conflict with. It's not like you are creating a conflict about who is the best artist, you are creating a conflict about something that a lot of human beings connect too.

    ps I just want to say that I do like you bro. I don't want there to be conflict between us, and I don't want there to be conflict between you and other people.

    pss I am also not saying that conflict should never happen. If all of y'all have a view point that I seriously think is flawed I will say something. I don't care who you are. Thing is, most of you are mature and from what I can tell, have good view points on things. So for that, I respect you.
  13. orangello

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    The respect/like is mutual; you seem like a good guy with a good head on his shoulders. I do appreciate a "heads-up" if i'm doing something that seems dumb or flawed to others. :)

    P.S. I still think free-ranging bears are a worthless menace, but i am now aware that this opinion is well into the minority (though i wonder if some posters may be bears or under bear influence). :)

    IGETEVEN New Member

    What makes you think that Boo Boo? :D
  15. orangello

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    It may have simply been the mushrooms in that last pic-a-nic basket Yogi.
  16. saviorslegacy

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    Alright, I understand where you are coming from now.
    In May I conducted a test on some 20 somethings at a video game forum (this video is actually pretty serious, as in winning hundreds of thousands of dollars serious). I done it on the Confederate States of America. I supported them and played it out just right and got these results:
    People my age believe it was about slavery.
    There is a lot of hate towards the South in today's world and towards what they were in 1861.
    The Confeserate Battle flag is viewed as a KKK racist symbol ONLY.
    People think that the South should have let the slaves free and stayed with the Union and thus avoiding the war.
    People also believe that the South was greedy for keeping their slaves.

    I was horribly disapointed in my results. :(
    People today don't know ****. -_-

    I plan on doing one with guns here soon.
    Oh, and I also done one on Obama and one on the health care reform.
    They blindly support both because Obama is "awesome".
    These tests are one of the reasons why I hate my generation so much.
    Oh, and my generation is quick to argue. Bet you didn't know that one.
  17. HotGuns

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    What do you expect? Most people are educated in Public Schools. At one time you could actually learn something in them. Now, they are little more than indoctrination camps.

    My wife has been teaching for 32 years. Civics and American History...9th grade. She is the Dept. Head. She gets to choose the book that they read every few years.

    There has been an obvious decline in History lessons and Civics. I actually thumbed through one of the books and threw it across the room. She said that the book I chunked was the best one and then she showed me several examples of book that were sent to her. I couldn't believe some of the socialist Propaganda that passed for History. I was pissed.

    What I learned back in the 60's and 70' is not being taught today. Instead, we have authors that are Socialist, Communist, and about as anti-American as you can get. Its all about being touchy, feely, green peacers that have never had a dad to put a foot in their *** when they did something wrong or jsut screwd up. Half of the writers are confused as to what sex they actually are.

    If the average American parent had an inkling of a clue what their kids were being taught, the second American revolution would have already happened.

    Want to get really pissed? Ask em anything about WW2. They cant tell you anything because it barely warrants a mention in the History book. They damn sure cant spell, or use proper English or punctuation. They dont have any critical thinking skills because they never had to use them. The smarter ones in class are held back so that the crack babies can play catch up with the normal folks, because of the "no child left behind" view now. Its part of the great dumbing of America and it seems to be working quite well.

    As for Obama...most of us with a clue already see him as the Socialist sum-***** that he is. His muslim lingo occasionally pops out and embarrasses some of the fools that actually voted for him. He spends most of his time bowing to ragheads and apologizing to muslims around the world for America's past. He is only goal is to break the U.S so that one day we'll wake up and beg for the fools in the U.N, to bail us out. It ain't hard to figure, all you have to do is keep your ears open.

    I could go on and on but I'm sure you get my drift.
  18. saviorslegacy

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    lol, how ironic, someone with the Confederate Battle flag posts in here after my previous post.

    Dude I know. It makes me so angry to see our Government winning by using people that I know. The sad part is, most of them fly off the handle when you correct them and as soon as you pin the facts on them they spout bull **** like "no one cares", "is this a classroom", "I've never heard of it so it must not be important", "do you think Bush was any better?", "who cares", "ask me if I care" or my favorite, "do I look like I care?"
    I just wanna tare them limb from limb for their bias stupidity!!!!! AH!
    Sorry, kinda got carried away there, but you get my point.

    Since you like the Confederate Battle flag I included this for you:

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  19. orangello

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    I was told in High School that this particular flag posted was not an official CSA battle flag, but was used as a battle flag by some units and was a part of more than one CSA flag. I'm not 100% on that, but i trust the source.
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