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    i went and bought a stoeger model 2000 the other day for some goose hunting. I got the gun used, when I am shooting horizontal it is fine, but when I am shooting vertical it will not load. I cleaned it real good, took a brush to everything that I could, when I was finished the rags were coming out white, when I reassembled it the bolt was staying stuck back, so i disassemble it again and put it back together, this time the bolt is working fine, I get one shot off and the bolt is sticking back again and it is still not loading like it should. When it comes to shotguns i am auto illiterate, this is the first I have owned and the second that I have messed with. I know it has been reassembled right as one of the guys I was hunting with was standing beside me and has messed with these before but he was clueless as to what the problem, any one have an idea or should I just take it to the gunsmith?
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    Take it to a gunsmith, and get back with the guy you bought it from. He sold you a lemon, and usually Stoegers are junk to begin with..

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    I believe that gun uses the Benelli mechanism, which regardless of how one feels about the recoil reducing tendencies, or lack thereof :eek:, is usually pretty darned reliable. If that thing has an action spring in the buttstock I would take that apart and clean it good. I personally don't like the feel of them, but several people who have bought them seem to be pretty high on them for whatever that's worth.
    I bought a Stoeger SxS in 20 gauge some years ago and was pleasantly surprised. Shot well and never had the first hint of a problem.