Stoeger Uplander

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by supafly, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. supafly

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    I am about to order a 12 gauge Uplander Supreme and am leaning toward the 26". I doubt I will shoot it much...I may hunt with it a little. It will be more for show and to fill a whole in my collection. I currently do not have a side by side and I think the Uplander Supreme provides alot of bang for the buck. I think the 26" would be a little handier to hunt with and also look a little better than the 28".
  2. eddennis

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    Won't make any difference with the 12, if you were getting a 20 I would go 28". Either will be fast.

  3. Virginian

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    I would suggest the standard Uplander. Ejectors and single selective trigger in an inexpensive SxS isn't usually a good combination. If you search the net, you will see 10 times as many problems with the Supreme as the standard.
  4. JonM

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    in a double gun that is going to be used for skeet trap or hunting ejectors may not be a good idea. unless your going to pop both barrels everytime. ejectors will toss the fired shell along with the unfired one.

    on my side by side i opted for a model without auto-ejection. i often reload just one barrel. just depends on whats going to frustrate you more :) for me its picking up unfired shells.
  5. shootitout

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    I have a s×s 12 and 20 they were my grandfathers and don't eject both just the one you shoot check the gun.
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    Stoger Uplander

    I have a Savage Fox Model B-D and love it. I purchased it before I joined the Navy back in 1969. It is difficult to find any SxS's in this day and age that are reasonably priced. I purchased the Stoger Uplander in 12 Gauge with 28" bbls. I bird hunt and also turkey hunt. I like the 26" length the best but I got a great deal on the 28" so I purchased it. The first thing I do is remove the butt stock and I clean all the internal parts. After I reassemble the gun I change out the factory original firing pins with stainless steel firing pins. I have had no issues with the Stoger Uplander Supreme.