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  1. shaneo206

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    what do u think of stoeger shotguns? i know they are a company under benelli but not much else. has anyone ever owned one and if so what did you think of it?
  2. Virginian

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    I only know their SxSs are considered to be pretty solid. Not elegant, but they work. A lot are used in cowboy shooting, which is rough on a gun. I had a 20 gauge I was planning to use in cowboy, and I carried it around the farm to get familiar with it, and killed a surprising number of doves and a few quail with it. It always went bang and the shot went where I pointed it. I have heard good and bad about the semi-autos.

  3. SmokeIt

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    Stoger o/u

    I have a Stoger Supreme 12 ga 26" i have used for a year on trap, skeet , and sporting clays and upland birds. It seems to be rugged enough, put about 10,000 rounds on it. Works well for skeet and sporting clays, and upland birds, but on trap because it does not have a high point of impact you have to cover the bird with the barrel, not unlike upland hunting. I got a competition model at the end of the season with the adjustable comb, 30" ported barrels and it swings nice and smooth and again works well for skeet, sporting clays and upland (although a little heavier to carry). It is still a flat shooter so I raised the comb to try and raise the POI for trap. They don't have the fine lines or balance of Citori or Red Label, but Neither have failed me or given me any issues, and hit the target. The competion comes with a manual safety, on the Supreme I had the gunsmith convert the auto safety to manual.
    I looked at the 3.5" pump but the action was not smooth it seemed to catch about half way back on ejection and took an extra hard pull to get to open all the way, also it was not smooth on closing and it didnt feel solid. I got a Rem. 870 in super mag for just a few dollars more.
  4. DavidTurley

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    Had a model 2000, wished I had never got rid of it I didnt have any problems with it.
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    I sold a Stoeger 20 ga. side by side to a buddy of mine and wished I never did. It's not that I miss the firearm, because it did not fit me, but he's a pheasant killing machine with that gun. It was a perfect fit for him and that's what is most important.
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    I have a Stoeger model 2000 and it shoots pretty good. I have the newer model with the fiber optic site. They come with 5 choke tubes and sling swivel studs installed. My main complaint is the bolt release sucks. It's small and hard to push in to release the bolt. They also require a break in to assure reliability. Other than that they're a less refined Benelli. I would consider them to be the best bargain in semi-auto shotguns on the market.
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    I too have a Stoeger model 2000 like the one pictured below. I've used it for Turkey, geese and ducks. Never had a problem........but there must be some problems with them "stove piping" because whenever I take it out it never fails that I run into another hunter that asks me if it jams or cycles correctly. Then they tell me about a buddies Stoeger that always had problems. personally I really like mine. I got it at a great price and never had an issue.

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    Stoeger M2000

    I agree about the gun shooting good and has a perfect feel for me when I swing on target. I have only had two problem with it though. When I fisrt bought it (Aug 2009) and started to pattern the gun I noticed that it did not want to cycle the lighter 2 3/4" loads. Thats when I discovered the second problem, I CAN NOT remove the charge handle from the bolt to fully disassemble the gun and give it a good cleaning (which is what I thought it needed to fix the cycling problem). So I called Stoeger and inquired about the problem, and aside from thier customer service people being rude, one lady told me to break the gun in with some heavier 3" turkey loads. So I did, and that fixed the cycling problem of the lighter 2 3/4" shells:D. But, I still can't pull out the flippin charge handle on the bolt!!!!:mad: I have done everything! I went back to the shop where I bought it, and the guy there told me, then showed me (on a gun behind the counter) how to use a shoe string wrapped around it. That didn't work. Then I tried to gently pry/ pull on it with a small screwdriver (I put a cloth around the screwdriver), like the guy from Stoeger CS told me, that didn't work. I have even used vise-grips with the handle wrapped in a cloth, and that didnt work. I have done all of these in every which positon possible!!!!!! Does anyone have any idea on what to do? I still shoot the gun, and it operates beautifully. But the only way I can clean it is to swab the barrel and then wipe the inside down w/ Hoppes #9, then I blow out the inside with compressed air (turned down to 15psi). I love it and hate it at the same time. I would feel so much better if I could totally take it apart and clean eveything, that and maybe my OCD will quit flaring up every time I take the gun out, and clean it before goes back in the safe. Please, please, please somebody put me out of my misery.
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    One of the guys I hunt pheasants with has a 28 gauge Stoeger Uplander s x s that he swears by. I have broken a few clays with it and if I didn’t have two 28 gauge s x s of my own I would defiantly buy one. I think that they are good guns at a very reasonable price.
  10. ScottA

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    I have a Stoeger Uplander SxS. Nothing fancy about the gun, but then fancy guns tend to not be taken out in the field.

    It's worked pretty well for me, although I'm on the hunt for an over/under. I do prefer double shotguns to pumps or semi's. They are faster on the follow-up, and you can break them open and always see what's in your gun and know it's safe.