Stoeger M2000 or Remington 11-87???

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by eyezlo, May 18, 2009.

  1. eyezlo

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    I narrowed my selection down to the Stoeger M2000 or Remington 11-87. I got some feedback from quite a few people in this forum and the outside. Both are reasonable in price, M2000 is under $500 uses Benelli Inertia Driven System and comes with 5 choke tubes: C, IC, M, F, XF. The 11-87 is around $600 with just the modified choke. I will be using it at first for target, skeet, and clays. This season I would like to hunt Pheasant, goose, and duck. Any suggestions???
  2. 58evinrude

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    I've never owned either, but as a rule, I have found cheap shotguns to be of low quality. I would not trust the stoeger. I'm curious, which guns have you picked up and actually looked at? Have you felt the action of a stoeger and compared it to the 11-87? Have you felt the action of a benelli to see how it compared to the stoeger? Surely you realize if the stoeger was as good as the benelli for a cheaper price, then benelli would be out of business!
    Have you picked up a browning? How about a beretta?
    I'm just unsure how you came to the conclusion of the stoeger and remington..
    I suspect the stoeger is made from crappy recycled steel and not machined well on the inside where it counts.
    Just something to think about,

  3. Virginian

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    11-87, no contest. I would take the Remington over a Benelli, too. The Remingtons fit me better, and I have shot a Benelli with magnums, and don't care to repeat the experience.