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    I am in need of a thumbhole stock for a ruger m77 mkII with a varmint barrel. I have found one that may possibly work, if anyone has tried it and it does please let me know. The gun is a short action. If you know of a person/shop that builds custom thumbhole stocks, I ll take that info, My hand just dont fit around the grip of the factory stock well enough for comfort. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I am almost bald from pulling my hair out. Thanks This is the one that may work, but like it says, Id have to open the channel up some, I have one boyds stock that dont work, but it is a little different than this.
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    Check out Richards Microfit gunstocks on the web. They make great stocks in many different styles. They are not finished though,you will have to sand and finish yourself,but if you are good with your hands,you will be very happy with doing it.

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    The only way you are going to get a drop in stock is to go with a synthetic. Richards and Boyds. Will both need to be finished off Richards will require a lot of finish work I have seen some that my gunsmith has ordered and they are rough when they come in. Also Richards is run by a single guy and 1 or 2 helpers So it can take some time to get your stock.

    Try looking at Stockys Stocks.
    McMillian Stocks also has a thumbhole for a Ruger.
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