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    Open minded on the fence not sure what is going on?
    Take a moment off and go see the new movie 2016 it certainly will connect the dots and leave you with an understanding of why we are in this mess!
    Film based on a New York Times Bestseller about President Barack Obama, by Dinesh D'Souza
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    Awesome movie!

    No, let me adjust that a bit. The movie isn't really well done. It has some sound problems, a few hokey parts, and still leaves a few holes.

    The message, though, is awesomely important for all voters to hear: "Who is Barack Obama, anyway? He is an anti-imperialist who dreams of an America that is no longer a nation that rises above others."

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    There IS a sound problem at one part for a few minutes. I thought it was a well developed and entertaining what I call "cautioumentary" worth seeing. As they say, love him or hate him you don't know him, though its message was nothing I didn't know already. There're new things to learn.

    For example: the hate-filled, abusive, West/free-enterprise-hating drunk of a dad who abandoned him that this President regards and is trying to live up to? I didn't know he was with so many communist daughters of "empires" like the US (the polygamist "married" his second wife from Kansas, Obama's mom, he met in a Russian class!) and abandoned so many women, and so many kids, so often, all over the world.

    These draw laughs it is so unbelievable, but true, during the film...
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    Being an Independent myself I am going to see 2016 also. But it is just to be more informed of the true Obama. I am by no means on the fence anymore due to the fact the record for O stands for itself. A Failure! In my opinion He is a liar a socialist Marxist who is not in this for the betterment of America. Being an American and Vet. he is a disgrace! He has bowed and apologized to nations who hate our guts but love our money and I do mean our money. We know when he is being untruthful it is when his mouth is moving. Then you have the O health care bill that does have some good things in it like Insurance Companies not terminating policies due to existing conditions and I believe if the Health Bill is reversed that some parts will be re-instituted as the above by the R&R Team. Then there is he recently drained over 770+ Billion Dollars from the Medicare to pay for O care and then wants us to believe R&R are going to do away with it, when he is bankrupting the Medicare program himself deceiving the American public. Not to mention under his plan for the elderly the Medicare payment will jump from the present $97 per month to costing them $214 per month in 2014! This is a considerable amount on the elderly who are on a fixed income and some draw only $1100 per month and have ungodly prescription costs being elderly and of course housing and food! These people are not the dead beat entitlement group, they worked hard all their lives to have this benefit. Then there is the Social Security issue of going bankrupt in the near future if something isn't done. What a Ponzi Scheme this has been! What has he done about that? Nothing! He also wants us to believe that the R&R Team are going to take away Medicare! Wrong! Another lie. Kind of like the last scare he attempted that if they did not do what he wanted, the Military and the Old Folks were not going to receive their pay and Medicare payments! Then there is hidden taxes fines and penalties for us hidden in the Health Bill that are nothing but taxes, Then Fast and Furious and protecting Eric Holder, Hillery Clinton and others who were involved in the 1800 illegal guns going to Mexico and the death of Boarder Patrol agent Terry and another US Officer and hundreds of others. With the true underminding scheme of passing more stringent gun laws on you and I, family and friends regarding our Second Amendment Rights. If we would have done it we would be on our way to prison already! Then the attempt at the UN Small Arms Weapons Treaty attacking our Second Amendment and implementation of gun contol. Then the unconstitutional executive order regarding Illegal Aliens being exempt form deportation. By the way I have no problems with aliens coming to America as long as they are legally here and go through the process. My past ancestors were Irish. But they came to America legally! The Illegals are bankrupting our system with free medical treatment, housing, accommodations and food and tax loopholes for children that are not even here in the USA! Then the directive to basically tell our Boarder Patrol and ICE agents to run and avoid confrontation if confronted on the boarder with force! As you know they are being sued by ICE agents for this debauchery as we speak. Then there are the Seals who are revealing the truth about the Bin Laden raid. He refuses to use the energy resources we have in the USA like coal and drilling since we have the largest volume of oil here in the USA than most all of the Arab States combined. Causing us to be dependent and controlled by countries that only look at us as a slush fund! Then he attacks or free enterprise and businesses hoping all someday will depend upon the Government for existence! What does that tell you! And then my pet peeve! He gets real enjoyment out of promoting class warfare among the citizens of the United States of America! This infuriates me! Do you think he is in this for the good of America and us citizens and patriots? I am voting for America not a party. Not much of a choice on my end! And shouldn't be for anyone! I will be voting, but certainly not O!
    God Bless America!
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