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    Sorry I haven't been able to offer any custom handmade knives for sale. I'm busy making knives for others. One dude has ordered 10 knives. He wants seven drop point skinners with deer antler handles for groomsmen for his wedding. He also wants two knives for his two best men, and one huge bowie for himself. He suppled the handle material - Whitetail deer antler sheds he's found. They require a lot of sanding and polishing. I also am just finishing two upswept skinner knives for another guy's wedding. He will give them to his father and father-in-law. I'll post photos when I'm finished. I have more than 20 styles of blades and some great finished elk antler handles if anyone is interested. I also have five super flint knapped obsidian blades available. They were knapped by Ron Saunders of Nampa, Idaho, a Cherokee Native American considered the best lithic artist is the country by many experts. Give me a call at 402-443-4947 or 402-304-1422. Or, email me at
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    Thanks for the update. It's nice to know you're busy making Ron Porter knives. :cool:

    I'm looking forward to seeing those new blade designs.

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    Here are the last 2 Eagles Randy built for me.

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