Sticky chambers ? (Redhawk)

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by diggsbakes, May 16, 2010.

  1. diggsbakes

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    So. . . I haven't been able to get to the range in the last couple weeks due to work, :eek: and I went and got me some snap caps for all my pistols.

    During my dry-firing rotation tonight the Redhawk came up and I began to notice a difference in the trigger pull between cylinders. The trigger pull during three of the cylinders is perfect, but about halfway through the cylinder rotation/pull through to the 4th chamber, it sticks pretty hard. I'd estimate an increase in at least 5 pounds of pressure needed in order to complete the cycle/hammer drop. THEN, the next two pulls still require more pressure than the previous three and just feel "sticky".

    I've never noticed this when shooting the gun, but now that I can feel it, this needs to be taken care of, quick!

    Any experienced help is appreciated as always.

    Edit: So after a closer look (guess I should have done that first) it appears it is the snap caps holding up the rotation from the rear of the cylinder. Some hold them up more than others, but all appear to be exactly the same size. Maybe they just need broke in or could cylinder be canted?
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  2. NPD5946TSW

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    I'd bet it's the snap caps..... Do they show any wear? try mixing them up in the cylinder. Make sure your cylinder isn't loose too. My fingers are crossed for the trusty Ruger.....

  3. danf_fl

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    There is a possibility that the rim on snap caps is a little thicker that normal ammo. When using the caps, number them to match a cylinder. or use a sharpie marker and cover the rear of the casing and watch for rub marks. Hopefully it is not the cylinder rod coming out. That could bind the movement of the cylinder and make it hard to open, but then you would have said so.
  4. Mark F

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    I have found that snap-caps do this with both my LCR and my M85 UltraLite...
  5. diggsbakes

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    Yeah its gotta be the snap caps. Never had a problem with any from A-Zoom, but these are from Tipton.

    Not very useful if you can't feel the real pull. And for $20/6?!?