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    So frequently when we experience bad customer service, we post quickly. I think we should also let it be known when we have great experiences. I have an STI Spartan .45 that was not reliably feeding hollow points. I sent an email to STI on a Saturday and received a response the following Monday. The response included a phone number to a real live person, David Cupp. I called and he called back...same day. I told him the issue and since I live close to Georgetown, I took it in. The firearm was ready in 8 days. He flattened the feed ramp, reamed and polished the chamber, and tuned the extractor. This was handled as simple warranty work.

    Quick and personal customer service like this will make me far more inclined to make future purchases from this manufacturer. They already provide great value in relation to features. But their greatest feature may well be the way they stand behind their product. I am always willing to pay a little more because to me, customer service, should you ever need it, makes all the difference.

    Thanks to David Cupp and STI.
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    STI is a stand up company. They have suffered from a high turnover in staff in recent years and are clawing their way to the top again. I still regret selling my 2011.

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    I recently bought an STI B-LS9 from my local gun store. It was a used gun. I noticed the mainspring housing had a few teeth broken off. It's a plastic part. I called STI, spoke to Randy, a gunsmith in Warranty Dept. He said they offer a lifetime warranty on their guns, whether you are the original purchaser or not, receipt or not. He mailed me a replacement part that day, for free. I'm telling you, a 'no questions' policy goes a long way to make me buy more STI guns down the road.
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