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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by NGIB, Mar 27, 2010.

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    Took my 2 newest to the range today, the Guardian and the Jericho. I am really impressed with the Guardian. It has a great trigger, is very accurate, and the "recoilmaster" guide rod/spring makes it shoot like a full-size gun. It's the most controllable officer's sized gun I've ever shot. Keeping everything in a 3 inch circle at 10 yards was very easy. No malfunctions at all with either Blazer brass or Gold Dots. I'd have no qualms about using this one for carry immediately.

    I was also impressed by the Jericho. It was really easy to shoot and recoil felt like a .22 because of the weight & balance of the gun. Accuracy was all it should be and I kept everything in a 4 inch circle from 10-12 yards. I have a lot of 9mm ammo so I put 250 thru this one and did not have a single problem. I was pleasantly surprised by the SA trigger pull as it was very light, smooth and had a clean break. No, it's not a 1911 trigger but it was very good for a DA/SA pistol. The range was busy this morning so I didn't take target pix. Here are pix of the guns though...


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    Good to hear you are happy with them. Now if you can hold onto them for a while. :)

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    Hey you Irish Bum, where are the pics of the targets.. sheesh, let him go out alone and he comes back with a lost racoon. :D
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    Very nice! Those guns look great! Glad to see they shoot as well as they look.