Steyr vs XD mod2?

Discussion in 'Beretta Forum' started by Roger M. Woodbury, Feb 10, 2018.

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    I just made a fantastic discovery. I've come into a bit of extra money. This "found money" was lurking in the coffers of the treasurer of the State of Maine and I have found it! It's not enough money to get into real trouble with, but it is enough money to allow me at least the opportunity to fantasize about another pistol.

    Since it is winter I have been able to easily carry my Steyr S40. I have bought a really good leather holster from a guy in Germany who makes them and it sits well on my belt, canted forward hidden well with little to no imprint beneath a sweater or a coat when I wear one. It's not terribly heavy either and carries well as opposed to my Stoeger Cougar which is really a lot bigger and heavier.

    Before I bought the Steyr, I thought long and hard about the one other semi-auto pistol that I was attracted to and that was the Springfield Armory SD mod2. I liked a lot about that pistol including the safety mounted so only a proper grip can fire the weapon. In the end, I bought the Steyr because of the sights, the exceedingly low bore axis and finally the amazing price I got on line. I bought it in 40 caliber as I only wanted to stock one caliber of pistol ammo. The gun shoots exceedingly well and now with more than 250 rounds through it, I see no reason for anything else.

    Except....well, the SD Mod2 is a bit smaller I think. And I also am more than a bit curious about a nine mm round and the Mod2 might be the one for me to at least try. Sooo, sometime either late this month or perhaps early next, I'll return to the range and if they have one to rent, I'll try the Mod2 in nine mm. I am becoming less averse to having more than one pistol round in supply here since from time to time 9mm is pretty cheap. I have been shooting Freedom Munitions remans almost exclusively and the ammo has performed perfectly for me in both of my pistols now....NO FFF or other ammo issues. I buy it when shipping is free so I know of no other ammo at the price point.

    Two weeks ago I received my $50 rebate from Steyr in the mail. So the bottom line is that the Steyr was less than $300, new from the gun shop in Georgia, (plus $15 mailing and my FFL's $20). I have never seen the Springfield come any where near that price, but I still want to try one.

    At the end of the day, if I decide that I really, REALLY want to have 9mm in my collection, I just might buy another Steyr, especially if the rebate is still offered in the fall.

    Anyone have any real time experience with the MD2?