Steyr Straight Pull Bolt Carbine, 8x56r?

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  1. Joshua M. Smith

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    I found one of these for cheap.

    I really like it. It's almost as light as an M1 Carbine but has a LOT more power.

    The straight pull bolt is easy for me, a lefty, to work.

    Problem is that I went on an ammo hunt before buying it.

    WHERE THE HECK IS THE AMMO? I love the this short rifle, and the sights rock. I'd love to make it a go-to rifle, but need ammo before I buy the thing!

    I have one or two rounds in my collection I picked up someplace. That's the only stuff I've ever seen.

    I also understand I need an en-bloc clip sort of like the Garand..? Where can I get those?


  2. c3shooter

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    As the man said, you are ten years past cheap, and five beyond reasonable. Google 8x56R ammunition, and several companies have it. And they seem QUITE proud of it, too! FWIW. is still in manufacture. Start shopping for loading dies.

  3. jpattersonnh

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    The M95 Styer is a great rifle. The sights are not set for Yards or Meters. Forget the correct name, but it works out to 75 yard increments. Ammo is pricey. It was real cheap years ago. 8X56R Ammo Steyr M95 and M95/34 10 Rds NAZI Marked - $20.00 :, Your source for military surplus.

    I sold my perfect M95 to a friend years ago w/ 400 rounds of surplus and 2 boxes of modern hunting ammo, $200.00. He still has 200 or so cartridges in original boxes. 1920's is loose, 1930 is Nazi headstamped and on En-bloks. He has 3 boxes of Hornady ammo (prvi). He started reloading a while back, that is the way to go.
  4. Esteban

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    I really like those rifles, except for the recoil. Surplus ammo is more expensive than new. I have some surplus that I will sell, but not cheaply. Many people collect ammo & I have some with several different headstamps, including a couple Nazis.
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