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Okay, after some kerfuffle, i was able to get this thing out to the range this morning. Sighting in at 100. Will have to develop dope for longer range once i start handloads. Shooting new old stock LC Federal M33.
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First two rounds, a little low and left. Decent group though.
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Second two rounds. Getting there.
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Third two rounds... not bad. By this time i think i may have been flinching and jerking the trigger a little. Also, I think the barrel was heating up. About 1.75 inch group.
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Buuut... ill call that sighted in. I kept on shooting, the groups opened up and it started going low left, maybe 2 or 3 inches. Not sure if it was me or the barrel getting hot. Either way, i still got plenty of ammo left and i made some brass to start working on! Good day out!
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