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    Last year I got a Stevens model 94 for a steal. The but stock was broke and I had to replace it. Which was kind of difficult because it had the original synthetic stock (I believe they were called Tanite). But I thought it would be cool to give this old gun some new furniture. I bought some "unfinished" walnut furniture. Come to find out their definition of unfinished meant it had to be final fitted, sanded (for days), and sealed. ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1446687924.707077.jpg

    I like the look of the rustic gun, but there are a few things I still want to do to it. I really want to find a time correct butt plate for it. I want to get all the metal parts refinished (reblued or maybe cerakoted).

    But I have a few questions for anybody that has knowledge about these shotguns. The stamp on the side says 94b. What is the difference the 94a through 94b and so on. Also, does anybody know what kind of choke these have? It does not say anywhere what choke it has. I was wanting to take it deer hunting this year and was wondering if I could shoot slug or would I have to use buck shot.

    Thanks in advance
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    Most of those (all?) had full chokes. Yes you can safely use regular slugs (non-sabot) through a full choke. The original butt plates had no printing or emblems on those (just horizontal grooves).

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    There were about 20 different models of the 94 series Shotguns the differences being basically barrel length, choke, & gauge, I think !..................
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    The old drop a dime down the barrel works. If it is a 12 Ga. and the dimes sticks near the muzzle it is a full choke. ;)