stevens model 67/12 gauge pump -fail to eject

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by tedfeast, May 18, 2011.

  1. tedfeast

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    hello to all,
    im new here and looking for answers obviously!!
    got an ol' model 67 stevens im redoing, and the thing isnt wanting to eject shells. now, i thought i had diagnosed the issue, and replaced the ejector, but wasnt the issue. now upon closer inspection, and had i been paying closer attention, it seems, that perhaps the culprit, or should i say culprits, were the extractors. seems they feed the shell nicely into the chamber, and pull it out every time, but once to the rear of the receiver where the shell should make contact with the ejector they let loose of the shell so that it will not eject from the receiver. now i guess my question is this....does that sound like a reasonable diagnosis or am i missing something? just second guessing my self, and trying to be sure. the little itty bity parts for replacement are a little pricey so id like to get it right. any and all help/advice will be most appreciated.
    thank you much!!!
  2. hiwall

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    Is there crud built up in the extractors so they don't have full movement? Are the extractor springs broken or weak?

  3. stalkingbear

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    If the extractors & springs are not worn I'd look close at the ejector. If the extractors are pulling the empty shell out good it almost has to be the ejector.
  4. tedfeast

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    i already replaced the ejector. that was my first inclination as to the problem. the ejector does function, but i think the extractors are not holding the shell in place properly for the ejector to do its job. it kicks the shell loose, just not out of the gun. i really think its worn extractors, but i was just looking for some back up on my theory. thanks a million for all your advice though. please keep it coming!!!