Stevens Model 58 12 ga

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    Greetings all.
    Sorry guys for being inactive so long. I found an old, but still good Stevens Model 58 bolt action gun, dusted and dumped in my attic.
    I didn't find its 3 cartridges magazine, do any one of you know where to find one?
    PS: This gun means st to the family.
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    Stevens Mags

    I'd suggest a place like Numrich Gun Parts
    Magazine, 12 Ga., 2 Round
    I found that mag in the model 58 section they also have parts for the model 58 series F, and 58A, 58AB, 58B, 58C, 58D, 58DAC
    these may just be cosmetic diffrences but just make shure if its a straight 58 or a Letter designation, Maybe they had a diffrent way the mag latch worked?

    I bought my shotgun through J&G Sales in Prescott AZ, 20ga Stevens 258A for sale $39 missing mag and chipped butt plate, I bought a new mag and buttplate and My kid uses it for Ptarmigan hunting here in Alaska

    Note about my replacement 2 round mag.
    The 2 round replacement mag I bought for My Stevens 258A 20 ga ($30) was stated as a 2 round mag but no matter how much I try I can only stuff one round in it, the second only fits 3/4 the way into the mag with the follower and spring totally compressed flat, so basicly I have a Bolt action mag fed single shot, or one in chamber one in mag, I dont really mind it all that much the mag only holds a single round, Just wish they'd a said so to begin with, Hope the 12Ga is diffrent.

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    ive got the same shotgun my grandfather left me but i am missing the entire bolt assembly
    i checked numrich but they dont have it any other good sites ?