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    I am looking for something a little different, and can't find it. I got a Steven 200 in .270 for my graduation gift. The other day I took it down to clean it, and noticed that the synthetic stock is warped, and that a point about half way down the barrel was actually making contact with the barrel. I talked to a guy I work with who was a sniper in the military for eleven years, and did four tours in Iraq. He seems to really know his stuff. He told me I could use a heat gun, heat the entire stock evenly and bend it back, or I could get a new stock. I saw a Howa pistol grip stock with floating barrel. I want a stock for the two hundred like that. However an hour of googling Steven's Gun Stocks, Howa Stock style, Pistol gripped target stocks, etc. I am no closer to finding anything that could possibly suit what I am looking for. So anyone that maybe knows a different search, or a website, I would really really appreciate your help!
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    Did you try Boyds stocks ? they have a good many stocks for savage/stevens . you may find what you are looking for there. If not I thought I saw some stocks for your gun at Cabelas' website. Also, try Bell and Carlson stocks. I don't know what would happen if you tried to use a heat gun on your "tupperware" stock, my guess is that it could turn out badly, use caution. Hope I have been of some help, Ron...

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    You have a ton of options with the long action. Any stock for a Savage 110 series will fit with 5.062" screw spacing.

    If you were admiring the stock on the Howa I suspect the stock is made by Knoxx Industries and is called the Axiom. Not sure if it's even available for Savage. If it is, you might want to try to handle a rifle that wears one before you purchase. Not a big fan of that particular stock.

    Good luck.