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  1. JosephMD

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    My wife is in the market for a home defense handgun as a replacement and/or supplement for the trusty Remington 870. She's small so my preference of .45ACP doesn't suit her. She handles the 9mm much better.

    It takes us forever to make major purchases because no stone is left unturned. Spec wise the XD Service Model 4 or 5 inch is exactly what I'm looking for. It compares well to the Glock 17 & 19 which I'm also considering but having a hard time finding. Also up for consideration is the Smith and Wesson M&P 9.

    Back to the XD - With Glock as the reference, and the Smith and Wesson as the made in the USA option, where does Springfield Armory fit in? (I would like to buy one of their M1As one day!). We visited two different local gun stores and both recommended the M&P over the XD but couldn't really back it up with facts. What does this forum have to say?

  2. drvsafe

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    she should test out as many pistols as she can. Make certain that she can manipulate the slide on any pistol you guys settle on. My wife is all of 5'1" and she can barely manage the slide on my P229 (9mm) and can't rack my Cheetah (.380), but can rack my SIG 1911 easily, go figure...

  3. Mick3411

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    Naturally we all only really know what we have, and in my case I have more XDs than anything else. I have had absolutely no problem with any of them and shoot them better or as well as my 1911s. No failures, no ammo sensitivity, nothing negative in well over 5000 rounds between the 3 (XD Tactical 9, XDSC 9, XDM 45).

    I have no experience with the M&P or Glock so I am not going to say they wouldnt be better - but it is hard for me to see how.

    BTW, my wife - who has a very small build - can rack the slides on all three. She just had to learn the "push-pull" method.
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  4. Overkill0084

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    Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
    I like XDs, and I own one. My XD40SC was my carry gun for some time. Nothing that small should be that accurate and it's never had any issues feeding anything, including my cast bullet reloads. When I bought it, I though the grip was miles ahead of the Glock and I preferred the feel of the trigger as well.
    That said, I think the M&P is an appealing option. They weren't one of the options I looked at at the time. There weren't any on hand and I liked the XD enough that I wasn't terribly concerned about missing out.
    Glocks are good pistols with weird (IMHO) ergos and squishy triggers. If you can adjust to the feel, you'll be fine. I never could.
    BS aside, Glock, M&P & XD, all very good pistols. It's going to come down to personal preference and what works best for her.
  5. InDefenseofLiberty

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    The only reason for staying away from the xd is the fact that they made several improvements with the XDm. Better trigger, higher capacity, slimmer slide, interchangeable back straps so it can be customized to your grip (or your wife's). Do yourself a favor and go for the XDm though. Well worth it.
  6. Dizzll

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    I hate the trigger on the XD, love the XDm though. I am a Glock guy but just got an XDs and love it. IMO if you're going 9mm, go Glock. However if the ergos fit better I have heard nothing negative of the XD
  7. JonM

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    xdm 9mm is a GREAT gun. my wife loves her's and i enjoy shooting it as well. ive got two xdm's in 45acp a 4.5 and the new 3.8 compact. they go bang everytime have very good capacity good triggers excellent ergonomics great natural pointing guns and they come with a hardcase mag loader holster 3 magazines mag holder.

    they are extremely accurate as well. very very fast guns due to the single action triggers and short trigger reset. glock and m&p are both considered dao guns since the trigger also partially cocks the striker which gives those guns their mushy trigger feel.

    the xdm also has a nice grip safety which means your not as likely to glock log yourself as your are with a glock or S&w

    just my opinion. i suggest renting one and try for yourself. im not a fan of the XD too much like a glock
  8. jjfuller1

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    between the XD and the MP its a hard choice. both are great options. see what she feels more comfortable holding and racking. my XD has had zero issues with several thousands rounds through it and the triggers not bad. another suggestion is look to the ruger SR9 and SR9C. they are great little pistols. very reliable and also made here in the US.

    also have you tried this or had her try this??

  9. orangello

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    I have found my XD45 to be perfect in reliability and very good in accuracy; my shooting buddy has the XD9 with similarly glowing reports.

    As was said, let her try them on and make her own final choice.

    While you are at it, let her try something different, something da/sa like a 1911 or cz-75b or even a little Bersa.
  10. aandbdavis

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    I have both the XDM 9mm 4.5" and the XD9SC. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my XDM. It's accurate, precise, feels great in the hand, and is balanced well with the 19 (that's right, 19) round mag. It feels "right." The SC is smaller and grips differently but has a great operation. It feels great and is SURPRISINGLY accurate, even at 30 meters. I like the overall look and design of the M's better than the standard XD. I have held several S&W m&p's and the feel "cheap" compared to my XDM. I'm sure they are great pistols, just feel different than what I like. The guide rod on the Springfield is much more solid than the S&W. I do own an M&P 22, and really like it but I don't think you can compare it to the 9 (the 22 is actually made by Walther). I can't compare it to Glock but I think we can all accept Glock as a matter of personal preference than reliability. Shoot as much as you can and see what you like. I really like the whole package of Springfield. The design, ergonomics, safety features, operation, looks, etc. I can't wait to buy the XDS 9mm!
  11. partdeux

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    Do you buy Shell, Mobile, or BP Fuel?

    XDM is a sweet firearm, which I carry. M&P Shield is very slightly incrementally better, but not worth it to me to purchase.

    They are all great firearms
  12. ChanceMcCall

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    The only 9MM in our house is a Boberg for my wife. That said, I own both a Glock 30 and 36 and recently an XDs in .45 ACP. The XDs is my first choice for carry. (Yes, some of us in Illinois have been allowed to carry for years, but very few of us.)
  13. drtybrd97

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    I own a XD 9MM service model and love it! The XD is made in Croatia which is maybe why they are deterring you from buying one. Not really sure because other than safeties there's not a big difference on paper. A coworker bought a M&P 9mm and he likes his a lot. I have shot his and I don't like the M&P's trigger as much as the XD. It feels grittier. Kind if like sand is in the trigger. He cleaned it really well and that helped but it still feels sandy. They both are very accurate out of the box and both have performed flawlessly. BUT as others have said it depends on what fits the shooter's hand. I picked up a bunch of different pistols before I decided on the XD. Best advise is just to put hands on them and see what she likes. Oh and what fits in your budget lol
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  14. chloeshooter

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    You would be hard pressed to find a better pistol or value in 9mm than Ruger SR9 or SR9C

    Made in Prescott, AZ USA

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  15. DavidN

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    I agree, I purchased the XDM 5.25 9mm competition. I love the fit, feel, looks and performance of the weapon.

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  16. yogiboobooranger

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    In this day and age of striker fired polymer pistols, most of the major brands are pretty much alike. Subtle differences in grip design, sights, and other ergos make each a slightly different animal. As suggested, have the wife handle and shoot as many as she can. In the end, it will be her decision as to what fits her and what she can manipulate safely. It is quite possible she may lean towards a .380 rather than a 9mm. Let her shoot various calibers as well because, after all, the ultimate end here is a gun she can handle, shoot and carry well. It may need to be used in a self defense situation, and usually more than one shot is required to end the confrontation. She needs to be able to handle the recoil and to be able to put her follow up shots where they need to be. So, do not hurry the decision! And in the mean time, let her train with what you have now so that in an emergency, she can use that weapon if needed.
  17. JosephMD

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    She ended up going with the FNH FNX-9. 1, she decided she liked double action / single action, 2, she liked the sights, she can use them without her glasses, & 3, she liked the aggressive grip, saying, "there's no way I'm going to drop this"

  18. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    what works for her and she is confident in, is probably the best choice. she likes it, so her confidence in it goes up and that will translate into her shooting well with it. good choice.
  19. KJG67

    KJG67 New Member

    Great choice, in addition to the fact that it fits her well!
  20. treehugger49

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    After taking a county sheriff's sponsored shooting course, my wife shot a deputy's Glock 26 on the live fire range, and thought that would be her carry pistol.

    When we went to the gun shop, they also had an XD-9 for her to try, and she expressed a definite preference for the XD. I was quite happy with her choice, since my EDC is an XD-40 service.

    This was before the XDm arrived on the scene. I have no doubt she would have opted for it were it available at that time given the ability to customize the grip size.

    As time went by, she decided to carry something a bit smaller, and now has a Sig P-238 Lady's model, which she loves.

    Bottom line, it will have to be your wife's choice, and if she's of smaller stature the XDm might be just the ticket.

    ETA: The Gen 4 Glocks also have the adjustable grips, as you may know, so that may be a viable alternative.
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