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    Hey folks, At the risk of sounding completely vapid, Why is it "impossible to reload steel casings? I have a boatload of 7.62x54R casings and would really like to be able to reload as it is extremely hard to find brass. Is there any way possible to reload Stella casings?
  2. JonM

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    A lot of it is berdan primed. all the surplus is corrosive. Once fired the corrosive salts from the primer start working on the case. They can be cleaned immediately to stop the salts.

    You can reload it if its boxer primed and you clean the empties quickly after firing. You then need to remove the shellac finish which can be done with denatured alcohol. This does start the corrosion process again.

    If you dont the shallac will gum up your dies and in any case the steel will eventually damage the dies.

    Once its all loaded you need to reaply shellac for long term storage or use relatively soon. Your only going to get one maybe two firings before the case splits ruptures or seperates.

    Its easier to just buy brass or buy some loaded brass cased ammo. Privi partisan and winchester and a few others make loadable brass cased new ammo. My local walmart and true value stock the 180grn winchester white box of it.

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    Even Berdan primed can be reloaded but are a big pain in butt to reload (if you can find the right sized primers). And like JonM says it will hurt then wreck your dies. Also steel is not so elastic as brass so maybe 1 or 2 loads and cases will crack. So basically the answer is NO to reloading steel cases.