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  1. 12bhunting

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    I picked up a steel target from cabelas for the wife & kids to shoot at using regular 22 longs. the target arrived today but the package says 100 yard minimum for rifles & 50 for pistols. Is this the normal gig for steel targets? I doubt the kids are gonna hit a 3" circle at 100 yards. Is there another option? Thanks
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    I think thats legaleeze for, "We have our butts covered"!!

    We shoot steel spinners at 50 yds minimum with .22lr - steel plate at 200 yd minimum with jacketed centerfire rifle ammo. But I'm a nut for saftey and I've got the scars to prove it.:D

    For in close these work great, or even a wooden block bounces pretty good.

    Self Sealing Targets

    Good luck, Ken

  3. JTJ

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    I also have a set of spinners that I use at 50 yds usually when the grandkids are here. A hit sprays quite a bit of lead. We did manage to shoot one of the spinners off and I had to reweld it. Keep a can of cheap red or other bright color spray paint handy to rejuvinate your targets. The peel and stick target dots work well also but dont last very long. I have set it up at 100 yds and let my wife shoot at it with her 17M2.
  4. Kdub

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    I built my own stand. From this stand I hooked up two 8 inch lengths of chain and attached a 1/4 steel plate. Being hooked to the chain it angles slightly down. When hit it absorbs the shock and most times puts the bullet in the ground below it. I've shot this at as close as 10 yards with my Glock 40. Handgun and .22 only. Rifle rounds blow right through the soft steel. Just be smart and safe you shouldnt have a problem shooting it at 25-50 yards with a .22. The 100 yard warning is a cya for center fire rifles.
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    I build my own spinning targets. For rimfire use I would just get a 3/8" target. They will be rated for 45 cal pistols. Yes they are more expensive but you only buy once.
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    I've got a self sealing target I hang with a chain off a Shepard's hook at 25y. No problem. It 'gives' and absorbs the energy when hit. I stick the hook in the ground at an angel so the shaft is not near the hanging target.