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    I know a lot of people stay away from steel because they have a greater tendency to jam, but is that all? I have been told by some that they can quickly damage the barrel as well, then others tell me that it doesn't. What the truth? Personally I have had 0 problems with steel jamming but I don't want to continue to shoot with them if they cause damage to the rifle.
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    Here is a link to a study on the effects of shooting steel. Supposedly it's the bullet not the case that's bad. The jacket is not 100% copper but a copper alloy. I don't know how correct it is. I have shoot enough steel through mine to know it will handle them. From now on I'll shoot brass cased, I need cases to reload.

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    Steel is not a problem in firearms designed for steel cased ammo. If you will look at the two main Russian rounds (7.62 X 39 and 7.62 X 54R) you will notice a design difference from the NATO ammo (5.56 and 7.62 X 51). The body of the Russian ammo has a pronounced body taper. This tapered body allows the less maleable steel case to expand properly to seal off the bore.

    AK's, SKS's and Mosin-Nagants have generous chamber dimensions to allow for laquer to build up and not affect functioning. The tight tolerances of the AR/M-16 do not. Many people report malfunctions with laquer or polymer coated 5.56 in Stoner's designs. The Zinc coated "Silver Bear" should not give such problems.

    I have no reason to believe the relatively soft steel cases of ammunition will have any appreciable affect on bolts, extractors or chambers.
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    steel wont harm your gun any more than brass during the normal operation life of your firearm. the difference in wear is hardly measurable.

    if your chamber isnt chrome lined you may experience extraction issues with some steel cases. steel cases have a much higher chance of case head seperation in ar15's so keep a broken shell extractor handy

    there is more blowby into the bolt channel and firing pin channel so more frequent cleaning may be needed.

    other than that there is nothing wrong it. i wouldnt rely on steel cased stuff for self defense purely because of the broken case issue
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    I shot steel MFS through my SpikesTactical AR and haven't had one problem with it.
    I also use brass too.
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    thanks so much guys!
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