Steel-Cased Ammo?

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  1. Some say it's a big no-no, others do it all the time.

    I hope this hasn't been beat to death, but I shoot steel cased Russian stuff in my Colt. No ill effects as of yet.

    What's everyone else's thoughts on this?
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    I've read enough stories about mishaps with Russian stuff that I stay away from it. It may actually work fine, but prices for decent ammo aren't so high that I'm willing to mess around.

    Reports are it's dirty, so you will be spending more time cleaning. Some ammo has a lacquer coating that comes off in the chamber. People reported screwing up their extractor because a casing got stuck. FTF/FTEs are reportedly common.

    This could all be nonsense -- I have no first-hand experience.

    Wolf works fine in an AK (WASR) or SKS probably because these rifles have a little more play and a higher tolerance for variances.



    Steel Cased ammo?

    Hello all

    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    I've really only used it in my COMBLOC items LIke an AK clone and an SKS, never any issue or Problem! I did see one yonger fellow with a COLT H Bar and an CAR-15, He had all sorts of Jams and Sticking cases in the chamber and I've heard that from others as well! The Polimer Coated stuff even worse,! I've not had an Issue, can only say what5 I did and what I saw?

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    I recently purchased a Glock 27 for my wife from a friend, and he gave me approx 500 rounds of Wolf ammo with it. I've heard the same things about the steel cases wearing out/breaking parts over time and how dirty it is to shoot. I have to admit that it is very dirty, and seems to be all over the place as far as accuracy (I cleaned thee weapon very thouroughly and returned to the range with a box of Federal, and saw much better performance at the same distances). I didn't have any jaming issues with the Wolf ammo, just (percieved) accuracy issues.
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    With .223 ammo prices going up every day, I bought some wolf MC poly coat to try out. I went through 1/2 a case now and have had no problems. It is under powered and not as accurate as xm193 but it is fine for plinking. I will be buying more.
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  6. robocop10mm

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    Wolf in a Colt

    IF I were hard up I MIGHT shoot some wolf through my AR's. Some being the operative term. NEVER allow wolf to sit in a hot chamber, Period. The laquer will stick to the chamber walls and cause problems. Life is too short to shoot crappy ammo.
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    I use Wolf ,Silver Bear with no problems they are run through UZIs and MACs
    They eat anything

    Later Joe
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    I avoid steel cased ammo in pistols (the only problems I have encountered with steel is in pistol ammo). I shoot Wolf exclusivley in my AK. I use it for plinking ammo in my ARs. Its dirty and hard on extractors, but the savings over brass for plinking will buy a lot of extractors and brushes.

    I have never seen an example of this. You can hold a maap gas torch to a Wolf Poly case, and not soften the coating so I doubt your chamber will get hot enough to do so.
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    The myth about Wolf and other similar steel cased ammo is that it will wear your gun out quicker because the steel is much harder then brass. Well yes hardened steel would definetly do some damage but this is soft steel, as soft as brass. It is no doubt dirty, but any ammo will cause rust and corrosion if you store the gun without cleaning it, you may just have to clean it better and quicker. The reason Wolf has less ejection velocity and jams from time to time is from the green laquer coating and bullet sealant. I've been told that Wolf no longer uses the red type of sealant and now uses a polymer coating which has cut down on jams. I've only used the older Wolf which may have spawned my dislike for it. But it is safe for your gun and great for plinking because of how cheap it is.
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    I have run it thru my Mini-14 and Mini-30, most not that accurate but some is okay. For the price if it works for you go for it.
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    My bolt action 30.06 shooting the green steel Barnaul ammo with the red sealant will cause a FTE from 5% of the time(a great day), to 100% of the time (every round requires extraction-a not so great day).

    I have been told this is due to the lacquer breaking down and re-solidifying, essentially gluing the bolt shut. It takes alot of muscle to force it back open, sometimes I have had to use a rubber mallet to force it open!

    It's pretty much the same stuff as Wolf (I seldom had a problem with their 7.62-but the same thing happens, but you get FTF as well with semi-auto), but in my experience the Russian stuff does indeed cause FTE.
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    Some Ar's (not mine) will have issues with it, I haven't. As a rule, DI ARs have a higher rate of malfunction than piston ARs, but there are always exceptions.
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    Nice 10 year bump lol.
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    SKS never hiccups on it.

    My SR 9 c has fired boxes and boxes of it with no problem.

    So did my sr9.
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    Anyways my 9mm hand gun wont run it. But my carbine loves it.
  16. sheriffjohn

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    We tried some steel case .223 in our Sheriff's Office full-auto HK's but when the barrels heated up, sometimes the coating would melt. As long as you were firing a string, no problem. The problem came when you ran an unfired round into a hot chamber. The coating would harden sometimes when things cooled off, making it difficult to operate the rifle manually.
    Now - that was over 15 years ago, so surely the old Wolf ammo has changed. We only had one case of the stuff, so it really wasn't a scientific test or any thing like that. I do remember it smoked a lot.
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    This is an older thread but its worth responding to since it came back.

    The case for steel cased Ammo is economically simply too compelling to ignore. IF you are someone who shoots enough to be profiecient.
    I slowed down a bit the past few months but all last year I shot about 1000 rds a month saving me almost $100-$400 a month over bras cased Ammo ( Wolf Military Classic 62 gr was about 10-14 cents cheaper a round than a brass 62gr)
    Price differences are less now which weakens the case for it a bit.. But even when considering that you will need to replace barrels twice as often (this adds about a 2 pennies a round in extra wear for those few who shoot enough to replace barrels as I do)

    As for 55gr Ammo the price spread is less now .... that the Ammo market has been collapsing..

    No complaints about accuracy and relibility.. As I mostly shoot the better steel case (Wolf military Classic 62gr in FMJ or HP, Brown Bear in 62 gr FMJ or HP ) I actually get quite good accuracy even when compared to domestic brands at least the cheaper ones.

    I have gotten for example 1.5 MOA consistently out of a 20 inch 1 in 9 barrel with 62gr Wolf Military Classic, I paid 23 cents/rd when I bought the ammo .....try to do that with XM855 , which at the time was 40 cents a round!

    My piston ARs have shot approx 25,000 rds of mostly Wolf Military Classic (also some Brown bear, Silver Bear) all in 62gr without a single malfunction attributable to Ammo (had a couple Magazine related ones). (all 3 of these Ammos..they are on same assembly line., the Wold PolyPerformance MIGHT now also be on the same line but I am not 100% some say it is and Wolf PP in 62 gr has worked well for me too)
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    Somebody get a wooden stake!:p
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    The problem with steel cased ammo is not the case. The problem is when the manufacture get too cheap & puts in a steel cased projectile that they call "Bimetal".
    It looks like the projectile is brass but if you scrape off the thin coat of brass you can see there is a steel case on these bullets.
    This is steel over lead projectile that does wear the riflings in your barrel fast.
    So shooting the steel cased ammo can save you $$$ but may cost you a barrel if you try to go too cheap. Do not shoot the Bimetal rounds out of a good barrel.
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    To add to my 9mm experience,
    I shot a cinder block and the round did not mushroom, It went clear though. I collected it and took it home for a closer look. And i checked it with my magnet. It stuck to it. It was 45 acp. I think it was monarch brand, My ruger p345 did not like it, But it ran good in my Hi-point carbine. Al most forgot about it lol.