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Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Jax, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Jax

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    i went to purchase a firearm today from a pawn shop and when they did the back ground check they had me on a status hold. Can anyone tell me what that means?? I have always done everything by the book and i have no criminal charges against me. Oh and the guy that owns the pawn shop said that, that has been happening alot here lately. So, i dont know.
  2. Jess

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    probably means the computer system was down on their end. or you're a serial could go either way.

    (in case you are uber sensitive that is a mild attempt at humor)

  3. Dillinger

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    What you have run into is very common when a lot of requests for background checks happen because people are buying guns.

    You know, like now. :D

    Essentially the people at the federal end can't keep up with the demand of all the background checks.

    You got a "hold" status, which is a default status that gives the Feds, legally, up to another 3 days to investigate you. Which they probably won't do.

    In three days time, the dealer can sell you the weapon even if they don't hear back from the Feds.

    It's not uncommon to get 3 or 4 holds a week, in a busy week, and NEVER hear back from the Feds. If we call and specifically inquire, we are almost always told the person is good to go.

    IF the feds find something they don't like, BELIEVE ME, they call you RIGHT AWAY and let you know NOT to sell to the person.

    You are probably fine. Just a victim of the paperwork of the system.

  4. canebrake

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    Did you include your SSN on the paper-work? You are not required to, but if you do not and have a common name it's a reason for them to apply the hold. Don't bother to call the pawn shop to see if the approval has come in, it won't. Just go back in three days and pick up your gun.
  5. robocop10mm

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    If you left off your (optional) social security number and have a fairly common name, that can be a big part of the delay. The SSN helps them distinguish you from the other half million "Joe Smiths" out there.

    Nobama's presidency has caused a huge spike in firearms purchases. I guess that is one part of the economy he really has "stimulated".
  6. skullcrusher

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    When I bought the Springer, I left my SSN off the form actually by accident. I have a common name and when the dealer was doing the check and going through my specifics, I heard him say, "did not give SSN." I immediately let him know I would give it if they needed it. He told them I would provide if it made it easier on them. I wrote it on the form but they never asked for it again after that. No problem, good to go. They apparently found me and said ok. :)
  7. Jax

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    I did put my ss# on the form. Ive bought alot of guns here lately and me being the paranoid person I am thought that may have had something to do with it. hanks alot for easing my mind everybody, Ive worried about it all day even though Ive done nothing wrong. thanks again
  8. skullcrusher

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    You got replies from those in the know, for sure. 3 Mods and Jess. Right there ya go. :D

    I witnessed this "on hold" thing at WallyWorld. A Grandfather was looking to buy a Marlin .22 and was told it was on a wait. He was very curious about it. The employees had no idea and asked him to call back in a "few" days.

    All in all, I eventually got to speak to the man away from the counter. I told him the same, "Don't even call them. Come in 3 days from now and pick it up."

    I hope he believed me. He was upset because he had promised his Grandson. I'm sure both are happy now. :)
  9. c3shooter

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    For some folks, the "holds" are so bad and frequent, they apply to the Feds for a PIN that is unique to them. Imagine your troubles if your Dad was Fred Manson, and he named you for your grandad- Charlie. :eek:

    System has been getting overloaded a LOT lately- it happens. Especially on weekends, holidays, week before deer season, etc.