States that recognize CCW permits ONLY if you are a resident?

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    Greetings from a newbie!
    My wife and I just recently finished our NRA basic pistol training and acquired our firearms and now we are looking to process our CCW licenses. However, I am struggling with whether to get a Missouri license (as a resident), or a Florida license (as a non-resident). Our instructor indicated that there are not many differences, but did list a couple advantages to the FL license:
    1. 7-year term instead of a 3-year term in MO (I.E. we wouldn't have to renew as often).
    2. With a MO license, since I'm a resident, I would most likely have to get a new drivers' license indicating that I have a CCW license, which "could" mean some potential harrassment should I get pulled over for a traffic violation and a police officer who is not so hip on non-LEO's having concealed firearms. With a FL license, my MO driver's license would remain unchanged.

    All this being said, I have been reading that there are a half-dozen or so states out there which will only recognize a non-resident's CCW license IF the person is a resident of the state in which they have their CCW. FL and Utah are examples I know of. So, as a MO resident, if I have a FL license, it's recognized in MO, no problem. But if I travel to Utah, for instance, they won't recognize my FL license where they would recognize a MO licnese since I'm a MO resident. The same is true for FL were I to get a Utah license. FL would recognize my MO license, but not my Utah licnese unless I was a resident of Utah. I am trying to avoid having to get multiple CCW licenses, and quite franly, I like some of the benefits of having a FL license. However, if there is a trend toward more states adopting the "we'll recognize your license only if you are a resident of the state in which you are licensed" policy, then I may be better off getting a resident license.

    If anyone has any expertise in this area, it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome King.

    I am not sure how Florida works, but the 7 year renewal would be nice. I also do not think they are as strict. In MO you will not need to get a new drivers license. You get a new ID card with the CCW endorsement on it. Reciprocation with other states is the main issue. Some states reciprocate while others make your CCW invalid. Since you are on the St. Louis side of things, It would be helpful to know that Illinois does not issue and does not recognize ANY state permit for CCW. Some states base their reciprocity on training and what citizens have to go through to get their license. I know Iowa does not reciprocate with MO. However, most states have "peaceable journey" laws in place as well.

    Here is a link to to a CCW reciprocity map. If you click on the "Who Honors My Permit" button the .pdf there is pretty informative.
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