State Mythology Series: Utah

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    1) Best indigenous food.

    Mormon Funeral Potatoes

    2) Biggest plus to living there.

    Here in SLC you are 20 min. from skiing, Boating, hiking , Biking or solitude(not the ski resort, just being alone)

    3) Biggest minus.

    Some of the religious "Rules" that have made their way into law.

    4) Weirdest wildlife.

    the Liger... If that doesnt do it for you, We have tons of brine flies around the Great Salt lake.

    5) A word or phrase that an outsider wouldn't understand.

    Arm or Layuhn thats Orem or Layton, Cities in Northern Utah, Im sure there are more...

    6) Local boy or girl who made good.

    Roseann Barr(Not really(My uncle went to school with her)) Cael Sanderson, Im sure there are more, But it all I can think of right off hand.

    7) Gun laws.

    Typical as far as I can tell. No waiting period for handguns.

    8) Biggest misconception the rest of us might have about your state.

    That you cant get a drink here, The fall of the Mormon curtain in June/July has helped some, But you could get beverages long before that.

    9) The thing an outsider should never do.

    Kiss(gay or straight) on Temple grounds :rolleyes:

    10) Restaurant.

    There are quite a few great restaurants locally, Many chain, There is a great Deli called Groves Market, They make some HUGE samiches, Tasty too! Tiburon has great fine dining.
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