State Mythology Series: Michigan

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  1. Mr. Bluesky

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    1) Best indigenous food
    Pastys. It's like a calzone, but with beef and potatoes and gravy. It's as awesome as it sounds.

    2) Biggest plus to living there
    You can swim in the summer and snowboard in the winter

    3) Biggest minus
    Too many lib-tards, especially the current governor. Skyrocketing unemployment and taxes, plummeting housing prices. Detroit.

    4) Weirdest wildlife
    None, really.

    5) A word or phrase that an outsider wouldn't understand
    Most Michiganders add an "s" to the name of stores named after people. i.e. "Meijer's," "Kroger's." Also, "yoopers" for people from the Upper Peninsula, and "trolls" for people from the Lower (Under the bridge =P), though those are mostly UP terms.

    6) Local boy or girl who made good.
    Bob Seger, Gerald Ford

    7) Gun laws
    Typical as far as I can tell. No waiting period for handguns.

    8) Biggest misconception the rest of us might have about your state
    It's not a misconception that we tell everyone where we live by pointing at our hands. We actually do that.

    9) The thing an outsider should never do
    Not know how to play euchre. It's pretty much the state card game.

    10) Restaurant
    I can really only speak for southeast Michigan, but: Lyle's for massive ham sandwiches and bean soup, Star Deli for corned beef, and Bates' Hamburgers for sliders.
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  2. robocop10mm

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    Yeah, you can swim in the summer, but the water is still COLD!

    What about "The Nuge"? Maybe he was not born there (not sure), but he made it famous.

    Signed, a fellow troll.

  3. orangello

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    I've always thought of Michigan as very urban/industrialized; am i far off on that? I thought the same about New Jersey until i chatted with some casino peeps from NJ; now i understand the "garden state".
  4. Mr. Bluesky

    Mr. Bluesky New Member

    Depends where you are. Around Detroit, it's hard to find any ground not covered by cement, but drive an hour northwest and there's corn as far as the eye can see.

    Also, I should have listed "Detroit" under the minuses. IMO, wait until the wind is blowing towards Canada, then nuke the city off the face of the earth. Reclaim the ruins in fifty years.
  5. robocop10mm

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    The Northern areas of the lower part of Michigan are beautiful forests and deep COLD lakes. The Upper Peninsula is very heavily forested. Southern Michigan is very rich farm land.
  6. skullcrusher

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    Don't forget about the wilderness of the UP.

    Oops, Robo beat me to it.
  7. lonyaeger

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    I spent four months in the Ann Arbor area several years ago on a job and absolutely loved it....even in the winter!