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Hey guys, I have recently created a Facebook group of locals in my area where they can come together & post reviews, post classified ads for selling/trading, and create groups for bulk ammo discounts at a nearby FFL retailer.

My ultimate goal is.....once I get a ton of people to join the group that I would then select a location nearby and create an outdoor range. I realize I have a lot of research to do in terms of permits & variances, liability ins, etc.

I'm hoping someone here could just help me lay some groundwork in terms of whats needed to begin a project like this....and approx how much it would cost to start up. Then I would have to create some building plans and design the range.

Anyone have experience building a range? I think once I get all the elements in place that this will be a fairly cut & dry procedure.

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depending on the types shooting that will be done and at what ranges, will probably dictate the amount of land needed to do it properly and safely.

location of that land. neighbors? any local ordinances that need addressed? noise? safe back stops? amenities for the shooters?

lots of insurance is probably a given! waivers for shooters?

money. lots of it!

check with the NRA and other shooting sports foundations for guidelines and suggestions.

as said, we need more shooting ranges and i too wish you lots of luck with it!
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