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    For those of you interested in Steel, IDPA and three gun matches there is a very nice range at Mingo Junction just outside of Stubenville called START (Special Tactics And Rescue Training). It is a nice facility (easy ti find) with a really friendly staff, nice building and usually a little bit of food. Nice , fun matches that are inexpensive to shoot - IDPA second Sunday of the month and steel which may be pistol only or three gun last Saturday of the month. They also offer CCW and defensive pistol classes among other things. The website is a little old but they are doing the civilian matches all year now next steel match at the end of the month. For more information you can contact Dave Woodbridge at and the website is;

    They are close to Cabelas which is worth the trip by it's self!!
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    We get our own Cabela's next year . . . woo hoo! Construction starts this spring, and opens next year. It will be somewhere along I-71 near Deleware :D