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  1. MrFrogg

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    Hi! guys,

    I'm looking for parts for my Star model 30M especially some mags and grips. Does anyone have an idea where I could find them???
    (I've tryied Gunbroker, Gunclip and pretty much all google answers even bought a promag who whose crap!:mad:)


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    Have you looked at any Spanish gun shops? Several of them have banners on (Spanish gun forums), if you can't understand the language just e-mail them in English. Or you can send me a private message with whatever you need translated and I'll do it.

    Astra 30Ms were the standard issue sidearms of Guardias Civiles and other Spanish law enforcement agencies, so spare parts should be plentyfull (they were only recently replaced with Beretta's in the Guardia Civil).

    You can also try searching Google in Spanish.

    Magazines = Cargadores

    Grips = Cachas

    Spare parts = Repuestos

    There are lots of Astra parts for sale at (type Astra in the box with the little magnifying glass and click on "buscar", it means "search").
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  3. Jo da Plumbr

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    I found magazines for my Star 9mm BKM on these two sites.

    Gun Parts .com
    Magazines for over 1100 Models, Bob's Gun Shop

    star bk/bm/bkm gun magazine
  4. AsmelEduardo

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    Models 28, 30 & 31
    The 28/30/31 series can use Smith & Wesson 59xx (eg: 5906, 5946) magazines with no modification. Note that this only applies to magazines of exact factory configuration. Many aftermarket magazines are somewhat squarer on the front, so will not fit in the Star pistols.
    If you have a .40 caliber M31P, Smith & Wesson .40 caliber magazines for the 40xx series of pistols will work the same way. The Smith mags do have a hump at the front to prevent their insertion in their 9 mm pistols, but this could presumably be pushed in or filed away (I have never done so myself). For either one, the floorplate mates with the bottom of the grip in a way that some find slightly ugly, but it does work just fine.
    Neither of these work if you left the magazine safety in. In that case, the mag sorta-kinda shoves the mag safety up, and will cause trigger pull inconsistency and trouble. I would remove it, but you could probably cut and punch out the little mag safety shelf into the magazine body also, if you wanted to.

    Have you tried Numrich?

    Or Bob's Gun Shop?

    Try to send a email to: