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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by zhuk, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. zhuk

    zhuk New Member

    FINALLY! got off my arse today and managed to get a couple of safes...about time since I'll be licensed one year by October.

    One small rifle safe, one pistol. As per our insanely detailed regulations; "3mm or 6mm diameter steel minimum, fully rebated, with concealed/sealed end hinges of not more than 1mm clearance" lol





    I know, yeah, it's only a couple of safes. Hardly the tactical AR or (be still my beating heart!) the AK I *wish* I could show off

    but I've been waiting so long to buy something more substantially firearm-related than just a gun bag or a pair of sling humour me...

    But its a start!
  2. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    Zhuk, I may have asked you this before but what do you need to have to legally store firearms in your crazy country? They can do inspections can't they?

  3. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Congratulations for small miracles. ;)
  4. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    Congratulations!! Now, I bet you can't wait to fill em' up!
  5. General_lee

    General_lee New Member

    Once you get what those cases are designed to hold, my friend, you will be one happy camper:D
  6. orangello

    orangello New Member

    Nice! I need to get a safe of some type for my firearms. Generally i like to have my XD45 & Mossy within reach & loaded, but the others would be safer from theft in a safe. Cool old-school key there, i gotta say.
  7. AusLach

    AusLach Active Member

    Nice work! Im going to have to get one for myself as well because between him and me, dad's will be well and truely full by the time I get my new rifle!
    This might sound stupid but do you use the pistol safe for an actual pistol or for the bolt and ammo of your rifle? I just noticed the rifle safe doesn't have an ammo safe.. Is this route cheaper than getting a rifle safe with inbuilt ammo locker?
  8. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    Good job there, zhuk.
  9. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    Watch out! Now you've got to fill them. And remember, ammo is like ice cream, there always room for a little more!
  10. zhuk

    zhuk New Member

    Thanks for sharing in my rather over-the-top joy, guys :)

    The laws vary slightly State by state, but in NSW for all bolt action rimfire/centrefire rifle/non-pump action shotgun (ie A/B Category) combinations the requirements are (and I'm quoting from the police website, which explains the meticulous detail lol):

    *Minimum 3mm structural grade mild 250 steel door and body, continuous welding on all edges
    *solid metal locks min width 40mm with min 100 key changes
    *be bolted to dwelling foundations by min 4 points if safe weighs less empty than 150kg
    *be mounted onto brick/stone/masonry by at least 4 masonry anchors 90mm length 10mm diameter or wall studs/bearers by 4 galvanized hexagon head coach screws not less than 65mm length 8mm diameter.

    Restricted-Prohibited Weapons (semi-auto centrefires, pump-action shotguns/deactivated or replicas of these)/and Handguns (ie C/D/H Category) requirements are a bit more onerous.

    As well as the basic above, there is additionally for this Category:

    *Minimum 6mm structural grade mild 250 steel door and body, continuous welding on all edges
    *door swung on either concealed pivots, or externally mounted sealed end hinges welded to the door and body of the safe, with a clearance round the door of not more than 1mm
    *if hinged, have a locking bar or dogging bolts welded to the inside face of the door near the hinge edge, which engages in a rebate in the container body when the door is closed
    *be fitted with a 6-lever key, pick resistant, deadbolt locking system (2 locks required for longarms). The lock should be securely fixed to the rear face of the door and a metal strap overlapping the lock case with each end welded to hardened steel anti-drill plates (3mm mild case hardened to 60 Rockwell C0, which will be in turn welded to the door).
    *be constructed with a full length rebate welded to the side of the container body. Locking edge to receive the deadbolt of the locking mechanism.
    *a pistol safe should be constructed to leave a 10mm skirt formed by the recessing of the back plate from the outer edges of the sides, top and bottom wall plates to prevent jemmying.

    Inspections of Storage Facilities

    Owners of firearms must allow a police officer to inspect facilities at a mutually agreeable time.

    In the case of a Firearms Dealer and Security Firms, inpections may take place at any reasonable time.


    Failure to comply with the storage requirements of the Firearms Act 1996 is an offence and may be subject to a maximum of 14 years imprisonment for prohibited firearms & pistols and 5 years for any other firearm. A police officer may seize any firearm or ammunition that is not being stored correctly and the firearm is forfeited on a finding of guilty by the court.

    Detailed enough for you spittin hehe? :D

    You can also have your safe inspected pretty much anytime they decide to - but ought to be contacted for a suitable time first. I have no idea if this warning always happens in real life though.

    If I understand the legislation correctly (and getting thru it can do your head in lol), after you apply for a PTA (permit to accquire, takes about 4-6 wks) then the Firearms registry notify your local police who call to arrange to inspect your safe. Then you are given a certificate or some such which states you are complying with regulations...then you can get your PTA processed by the firearms dealer....and eventually pick up your gun (after a "28-day cooling off period" if its your first gun).

    I have this scenario in my head of bells/red lights flashing/sirens wailing whenever a PTA gets logged into the cops' system...but maybe that's just my paranoia lol

    Ha too right! There are ALL sorts of possibilities now (even if I do have to stick to bolt actions)

    Have to track down a HS2000 too (XD Tactical to you - barrel must be 5" to be legal) which looks like it won't be easy...the shop which was meant to be getting one in last March still hasn't been able squeeze it out of HS-Arms. Somehow I think we are way down their customer list - 50 000 imported/yr US vs possibly 30/yr Aust.

    May have to go for the used-gun route on that.

    No I'm going to use the pistol one for the handgun I mentioned above - when I can find one (which is debatable atm heh). Its also 6mm door & body, so over what is needed for ammo - that can be any "not easily penetrated and lockable container." In NSW you don't have to store the bolt separately, as far as I'm aware - just the ammo. Yes, Much cheaper to get a rifle safe without an ammo compartment Aus; I already had this aluminium lockable cabinet which contains the rather small amount of 9mm ammo I have now, plus half a box of .22 and some shotgun shells from a comp that got unexpectedly cut short. I also have a plastic tradies' tool box with a hasp-and-staple padlock inside the cabinet, just for overkill :p

  11. zhuk

    zhuk New Member


    Hmm, just as well I got that cabinet huh :p

    Reminds me of this guy in my club - a purist who refuses to shoot anything younger than about 1945-vintage :) He has about 40 rifles of varying kinds, SMLEs, old .22s he's picked up from somewhere, lever actions ammo boxes lining the walls. He told me 'You really need to have at least 1000 rounds of ammo per gun you own, so I have about 40,000 rounds. The cops always have a great time inspecting my place!'

    lol :D
  12. doctherock

    doctherock New Member

    I like your little red safe there Zhuk. Too bad they have all those rules over there. I though England was bad when I was there.